Splash parks re-opening statement

Update on our Splash Parks

Craig Taylor, Head of Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “Our Splash Parks in The Canch, Kings’ Park and Langold Country Park are extremely popular attractions and have the potential to bring large numbers of people into a confined area.

“Following the Government’s announcement to extend the lifting of restrictions, we will now work towards re-opening our Splash Parks when Government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact. This currently has a date of 19th July.

 “Because of this popularity, we do not believe it would be responsible or practically possible to enforce the necessary social distancing guidance that has been issued by the Government to ensure coronavirus safety.

“We understand this will come as a disappointment to many people. However, we must put all measures in place to protect residents and limit the spread of Covid-19. Should the Government’s advice change before this time, we will review our plans accordingly.”

Last Updated on Wednesday, October 13, 2021