Masterplan enters next phase

The next stage of the Council’s vision to enhance and improve our town centre as part of the Worksop Masterplan is moving forward with a new public consultation. 

The Worksop Central Area Development Plan Document 2021-2040 will help to deliver the priorities identified by the Worksop Masterplan and the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan. 

These include key regeneration and growth projects, creating new public spaces, addressing environmental and flooding issues, taking account of travel, transport and infrastructure, in addition to proposing potential sites that are suitable for housing, business space, shops and services. 

Similar to the Worksop Masterplan, the document focuses on the creation of seven distinct, but well-connected neighbourhoods within the Worksop Central area, with each having its own vision, priorities and site allocations. 

These neighbourhoods are:  

  1. Heart of Worksop 
  2. Historic Bridge Street 
  3. Innovation District 
  4. Sandhill Quarter 
  5. Southern Gateway 
  6. Station Gateway 
  7. Worksop Waterfront. 

The Council is asking residents and businesses to be part of this next stage by learning more about the Worksop Central Area Development Plan Document and being part of this latest consultation period that will run until Wednesday 21 July, 2021. 

Cllr Jo White, Cabinet Member for Regeneration at Bassetlaw District Council, said: “Like many town centres across the country, Worksop is facing considerable challenges due to changes in the way that people prefer to shop, creating new habits and preferences which have been accelerated due to the pandemic. Online shopping, out of town centres like Crystal Peaks and Meadowhall and big-name stores going into administration have all had huge impacts on our town.   

“A good town centre should be the beating heart of a community and the Council is fully committed to working with others to work to restore what we have lost. This includes a recognition that to encourage footfall and visits to the town centre, it needs to redevelop in new and innovative ways that better meets the needs of residents and provides a vibrant, attractive environment where all types of businesses can grow and thrive.

“We want to see opportunities for more independent shops run by local people, high quality places to visit and spend leisure time and first-class homes for people who would like to live within the town centre area. 

“Through the Development Plan Document, the Council will make sure that new developments in and around Worksop Town Centre have a positive impact, are of a high quality, are safe and sustainable and are supported by the right infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and cycleways, public spaces and flood management.  

“I encourage everyone who has an interest in the future of our town centre to be part of this consultation, share your views with us and learn more about how we can make Worksop Town Centre a more vibrant, attractive and prosperous place.” 

Take part in the Worksop Central Area Development Plan Document Consultation online, emailing your comments to the Council’s Planning Policy Team at or you can request a form by calling 01909 533 495. 

There will also be opportunities to talk to Planning Officers about the Worksop Central DPD who will be hosting a number of Consultation Days. These will take place on Worksop Market and online through Microsoft Teams. Please note, places at the online consultation events must be booked in advance.

Consultation Events

Worksop Market



Worksop Market 

Friday 11 June  

Worksop Market 

Wednesday 23 June   

North Notts Food Festival 2021, Worksop Market Square  

Saturday 3 July  

Worksop Market 

Friday 16 July  

Online Consultation Events



Tuesday 15 June  


Wednesday 16 June  


Thursday 24 June  


Tuesday 29 June  


Wednesday 30 June  


Tuesday 6 July  


Wednesday 14 July 


Places at the online events must be pre-booked. You can do this via our website, email or by phone. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, July 28, 2021