Bassetlaw District Council makes Social Housing Safety & Compliance Pledge

Bassetlaw District Council has pledged to ensure that its homes, estates and buildings meet all current and future housing safety standards as part of National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week taking place between 21 – 25 June 2021.

The annual event aims to create safer homes by raising awareness and creating conversations about safety and compliance within the sector, in addition to encouraging the organisations and individuals that deliver social housing to be accountable as to prevent potential disasters such as the Grenfell Tragedy.

The Council ensures the safety of its homes by completing regular checks and inspections in six main areas including Gas and Carbon Monoxide, Electrical, Fire, Water, Asbestos, and Lifts, Access and Equipment. The Council also takes responsibility for the work of the companies who carry out these checks on their behalf by monitoring their performance and keeping records of any work that has been carried out. All inspections are made on appointment with workers who carry identification, so that residents can check the identity of anyone undertaking work in their home with the Council and be certain that these checks are authorised and official.

Cllr Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “The Council is very dedicated to maintaining the quality of its housing and the maintenance services that it provides for tenants to ensure that they meet the highest possible safety standards and comply with legal requirements.”

He added: “The pledge made by the Council during National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week to meet all current and future housing safety standards means that tenants can be confident about the safety of their homes and the standard of any work that is completed to sustain it.”

In circumstances where a tenant is unhappy with something about their home the Council are enthusiastic about dealing with matters professionally and appropriately. They have made the process of raising a service issue or complaint fast and easy so that any areas of concern are addressed swiftly, an explanation can be provided, and improvements for the future can be made.

Information relating to Council Housing can be found on Bassetlaw District Council’s website:

Last Updated on Friday, August 20, 2021