Council submits its Local Plan for examination

Bassetlaw District Council has submitted its Local Plan to the Government where it will now be independently examined by the Planning Inspectorate.

Bassetlaw’s Local Plan outlines the planning policies, strategies and vision needed to guide development in our district up to the year 2038. It proposes the level of housing we need, where development for employment should take place, the infrastructure that is needed for growth and many more economic, social and environmental priorities.

The Plan has been developed over the course of the last six years and during this time has undergone eight rounds of public consultation where the comments from residents, developers, businesses and other stakeholders have all helped to shape the Publication Version of the Plan, which was submitted to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities this week.

There will now be an examination process set out by the Planning Inspector who will decide if the Council’s Local Plan is sound before it can be adopted in 2023.

David Armiger, Chief Executive at Bassetlaw District Council said:

“All Councils are required to have an up to date Local Plan by December 2023 and the submission of our Local Plan allows us to meet that deadline and ensure that we can manage development and growth appropriately in our district.

“The Bassetlaw Local Plan will now be scrutinised by an independent inspector through a comprehensive and unbiased examination process, and we look forward to learning the findings of the Planning Inspectorate.”

Local Plan – The Next Steps

Bassetlaw District Council has submitted its Local Plan and the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule (which, if adopted would help to fund new infrastructure) to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

The Secretary of State will now appoint a Planning Inspector who will set a timetable for the next steps as part of the examination process of the Local Plan.

The Planning Inspector will examine the Bassetlaw Local Plan to establish if it is sound and meets legal requirements. As part of this process, the inspector will review comments that have been made through the previous consultation periods and local evidence, such as transport assessments and flood risk assessments.

A number of hearings will also take place in the autumn chaired by the Planning Inspector. Interested parties who have previously made comments on the Publication Plan, including developers, public bodies, and the public will, at the Inspector’s invitation, be able to take part in the hearings.

A Programme Officer has been appointed to administer the examination process and, to ensure the independent nature of the process, they will also act as a liaison between the Inspector, the Council and any other parties taking part in the Examination.

If the Planning Inspector considers that any changes need to be made to The Plan, the Council will consult the public and other organisations on any significant changes to The Plan in summer 2023.

The Inspector’s report will follow, ahead of a planned adoption of the Bassetlaw Local Plan by autumn 2023.

Last Updated on Wednesday, September 28, 2022