Local Plan moves to next stage

Bassetlaw’s Local Plan has moved a step forward this week with the final face to face session of hearings taking place.

In November last year, the Government’s Planning Inspectorate appointed two Inspectors to carry out a detailed, independent review of the Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan: Publication Version 2020-2038, the supporting evidence, and comments previously submitted by the public and interested parties.

As part of this process, the Inspectors chaired a programme of hearings, held between Tuesday 29th November and Tuesday 13th December, that gave interested parties a chance to speak about the policies contained within the Local Plan, and the public to observe each session.

Following the submission of new evidence at the beginning of this process in relation to ‘Transport and Connectivity’ associated with the A57 and Retford, the final hearing was postponed until Tuesday 24th January to give all interested parties time to comment on the evidence.

This final hearing has now taken place and the Inspectors, working with Bassetlaw District Council and interested parties, will identify if any modifications need to be made to the Local Plan, with any further consultation with members of the public and other organisations to take place in summer 2023. A report from the Planning Inspectorate is expected to be issued in autumn 2023, ahead of a proposed adoption in winter 2023.

David Armiger, Chief Executive of Bassetlaw District Council, said: “The examination process and, in particular, the public hearings have been an opportunity for the Planning Inspectors to hear all sides of the debate and take an independent view on the policies contained within the Bassetlaw Local Plan and the Council’s overarching vision for the future of the district.

“We feel this has been a very positive process. We have listened carefully to the points that have been raised by the Inspectors and interested parties and have been responsive to the discussions that have taken place.

“All Councils are required to have an up to date Local Plan by December 2023 and this is one of the final parts of the process that will allow us to meet that deadline and ensure that we can manage development and growth appropriately in our district, in line with Government guidance.”

The Draft Bassetlaw Local Plan: Publication Version 2020-2038, outlines the vision, objectives and planning policies needed to guide development across Bassetlaw up to the year 2038. It proposes the level of housing needed, where development for employment should take place, the infrastructure that is needed to support growth and many more economic, social and environmental priorities.

The Bassetlaw Local Plan has been developed over the course of the last six years and, during this time, has undergone eight rounds of public consultation where the comments from residents, developers, businesses and other stakeholders have all helped to shape the submitted Local Plan.

Should you wish to view all of the documents contained within the Bassetlaw Local Plan 2020-2038 Examination Library, please visit www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/bassetlawplan

Last Updated on Tuesday, February 21, 2023