Fly-tippers Fined Thanks To Public Support

Fly-tippers Fined Thanks To Public Support

A pair of fly-tippers who illegally dumped tyres and household items have been prosecuted for their crimes thanks to vital evidence provided by Bassetlaw residents.

In two separate cases, photos, information and evidence supplied to Bassetlaw District Council’s Environmental Health Team by members of the public have helped to secure convictions, resulting in the offenders being fined and the Council being able to recover a significant amount of legal and clean-up costs.

The two cases have highlighted how important it is for members of the public to report fly-tipping, collect evidence and supply it to the Council so that fly-tippers are brought to justice.

Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods at Bassetlaw District Council said: “It would not have been possible for the Council to secure these prosecutions without the vital evidence supplied by members of the public. I would like to thank the residents for being so proactive and for helping the Council to combat fly-tipping in Bassetlaw.

“These cases highlights the invaluable role that residents can play to ensure that fly-tippers are held to account for their crimes.”

On two occasions, 31-year-old Craig Tinker of North Anston was witnessed fly-tipping by members of the public. He was first seen dumping five car tyres in a farmer’s field off Great North Road, Tuxford in January 2019, and then two lorry tyres off Doncaster Road, Costhorpe in April 2019.

Mr Tinker pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates Court in November 2019 and was fined £1,066, ordered to pay costs of £1,000 in addition to a victim surcharge of £53.

In a separate case, David Hughes of Cheapside, Worksop was fined £200 and ordered to pay costs of £500 and a £30 victim surcharge by Mansfield Magistrates Court in December 2019 after he pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and failing to respond to a Section 108 Notice.

The offence took place in February 2019 when Mr Hughes and two accomplices were spotted offloading two fridge freezers, two mattresses and a table from a flatbed vehicle into a communal bin store on Northumbria Close in Worksop.

Hughes was seen dumping the household items in the bin store that is for residents’ use only by member of the public who was able to take pictures of the fly-tipping, as well as the vehicle registration.

A DVLA search of the vehicle’s registration number revealed Hughes was the legal owner. He was sent a Section 108 Notice requesting him to confirm a number of details, which was not returned in the allotted time. Mr Hughes was eventually put before the court in December 2019 where he pleaded guilty to the fly-tipping offence and failing to respond to the S108 Notice.

Cllr Leigh added: “If you see a fly-tip taking place, please try to collect the date, time and location of the fly-tip, the registration number and a description of the vehicle, and a description of the person dumping the waste.

“Collecting this information safely and reporting it to the Council can really make a difference and together we can tackle fly-tipping in our district.”

Residents can report fly-tipping in confidence on the Council’s website, or by calling the Environmental Health team on 01909 533 533.

Last Updated on Wednesday, March 4, 2020