Residents reminded to submit details for £150 Energy Rebate

Bassetlaw District Council is reminding residents who have not yet received their £150 Council Tax Rebate to submit their details in order to benefit from the Government’s energy payment.

Since May, more than £6 million has already reached 86% of Bassetlaw residents following a total of 40,273 payments made by the Council.

The majority of residents who pay their Council Tax by direct debit received payment in the first two months of the scheme. In July, the Council then issued more than 12,000 emails and letters to eligible residents who do not pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit, asking them to provide their details in order to receive their payment.

More than two thirds of people written to have now responded to this letter. However the Council is keen to hear from residents who have not responded or provided their details to date.

In the coming days, the Council will be issuing reminder letters to the remaining residents with instructions on how they can receive their energy payment, and to provide a new unique access code. Should the Council not receive any response within 30 days of this letter being issued, a £150 rebate will be deducted from their Council Tax bill for 2022/23.

The Council has also put in place a number of security checks to ensure that the £150 reaches the right person and to prevent fraud, and more than 2,000 applications have failed these security checks. In order to prevent any delay in receiving payments, residents are being asked to double check the information they provide to the Council. Just some of the most common reasons why payments are failing security checks include:

  • The name on the Council Tax account does not correspond to the name on the bank account.
  • Residents have not updated our Council Tax Team of any changes of name or address.
  • The resident has already been paid at a previous address.
  • Bank account and sort code numbers are being inputted incorrectly.
  • Residents submitting the details of joint accounts, but do not list all the names on the bank account.

In order for these payments to be processed as quickly as possible, eligible residents are being asked to visit the Council’s website to provide their details and a unique verification code, in addition to answering other security questions. Please note, you must use the most recent verification code issued, which residents will be able to use for the next 30 days.

If you do not have access to the internet, you can contact our Council Tax Team over the phone to provide all of the information we need to process your payment.

David Hill, Director of Corporate Resources, said: “We have worked extremely hard to get the Council Tax rebate to eligible residents as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

“However, I would urge all eligible residents who have not received the £150 energy payment to respond to us. We are trying to contact some of the most hard to reach people in our communities and it is commonly these people who need the payment the most.

“If you know of a friend or relative who has not yet provided us with their details, please encourage them to do so. It is important that they receive this payment so that they can be supported with the rising costs of energy bills.”

Following the conclusion of the majority of payments to all households in Bands A to D, the Council will begin to process payments under the Discretionary Scheme which will run until 30th November. This is proposed to cover households in Bands E to H who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and meet all of the relevant criteria.

Last Updated on Wednesday, September 28, 2022