Street collections - Direct debit authorisations

Direct Debit Authorisations

The activities of Direct Debit Mandate collectors on the street are not regulated by law, and are not therefore subject to licensing provision. However the Council has in place a voluntary code of practice as follows:-

  • Only one visit by each direct debit fundraising company per week to each town in the district.
  • Only one fundraising direct debit company on the street at any one time.
  • No direct debit fundraising companies to visit on the same day and place as a national or local charity street collection.

The Licensing Department will provide information on a monthly basis (see link below) of Street Collection Permits, House to House Licences and Direct Debit Mandate Collections, which have been granted/agreed to both local and national organisations, in order that you are aware of collections taking place within Worksop and Retford Town Centres (Street Collections and Direct Debit Mandate Collections) and the surrounding area of Bassetlaw (House to House Collections)

There is no fee for this service.



Last Updated on Monday, September 17, 2018