Scrap metal dealer - Provisions of the new act

Provisions of the new Act include the following:- 

  • The requirement for Scrap Metal Dealers to satisfy their local authority that they are a legitimate trader.
  • All sellers of metal must provide verifiable ID at point of sale which is recorded and retained by the dealer.
  • Cash must no longer be given as payment for scrap metals. Sellers must be paid by cheque, BACS (or another traceable method). This will now apply to all collections of scrap metal.
  • There will be a single national publicly available register of all scrap metal dealers.

Under the new act we must not issue a Licence unless we are satisfied that the applicant is a suitable person to carry on the business as a scrap metal dealer. You will therefore need to submit a basic criminal record disclosure form as part of the application process. Basic Disclosure certificates can be obtained online through Disclosure & Barring Service.

Please note these new Scrap Metal Dealers 2013 Licences do not replace the Waste Carrier’s Licence. To deal in and collect scrap in Bassetlaw you will therefore be required to hold a Licence issued by us for scrap metal and also a Waste Carriers Licence that is issued by the Environment Agency.



Last Updated on Wednesday, September 19, 2018