Scaffolding and hoarding - Scaffolding basic requirements

Scaffolding basic requirements

  • During the erection or dismantling period, a safe working area at ground level is required to prevent pedestrians gaining access. In the town centre this work is to be carried out outside normal working hours. For example after 6.00 pm or before 8.00 am on a Sunday.
  • Scaffolding will require illumination unless no part of it is less than 0.45m (18 inches) from a carriageway in a horizontal direction and no part of it over a footway is less than 2.4m (8 feet) above it.
  • Pedestrian walkways must be maintained around the scaffold. If this cannot be arranged, it must be designed to allow access under and through the scaffold safely. For example no trip hazards, no projecting tubes or fittings and it needs to be covered adequately to provide a working platform and prevent materials or debris falling through. Poles must be maintained to enable people in wheelchairs/prams to pass the scaffold safely.



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019