Temporary event notice (TEN) - Frequently asked questions for temporary event notices

How Many TEN’s Can I Give?

Anyone aged 18 or over can give a maximum of five TENs per calendar year (only 2 of these may be late TENs).

Personal Licence holders can give 50 TENs (only 10 of these may be late TENs).

How Long Can My Event Last

Each event covered by a TEN can last up to 168 hours and no more than 15 TENs can be given in respect of any particular premises in any calendar year. There is also maximum aggregate duration of the periods covered by TENs at any individual premises of 21 days in any year.

There must be a minimum of 24 hours between events notified by a premises user or associates of that premises user in respect of the same premises.

Who Can Object To A TEN?

Provided that the criteria set out above are met, only the police or environmental health may intervene to prevent an event covered by a TEN notice taking place or agree a modification of the arrangements for such an event.

Who Must Give the TEN?

The 'premises user' must give the TEN.

Can a TEN be withdrawn?

A TEN may be withdrawn by the premises user' by then giving the Licensing Department a notice that they wish to withdraw the TEN. The notice of withdrawal must be given to the Licensing Department no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the event as specified in the TEN. Please note the fee is non-refundable therefore if the event does not take place you will not be entitled to any refund.

What Happens If The Premises Are Subject To A Premises Licence?

You can still apply for a TEN for premises that have a Premises Licence for example, to use your pub for an event involving the provision of regulated entertainment, eg. for a wedding, where your Premises Licence does not authorise such a provision of regulated entertainment, it may be authorised by a TEN.

Do not forget that the limits in relation to permitted temporary activities will apply.

TEN’s Where The Premises Hold More Than 499 People

TEN’s can be granted for venues which have the capacity to hold more than 499 people as long as you ensure that the number of people on the premises during the event, to which the TEN relates,  does not exceed 499 at any one time. If you think that more than 499 people will attend the event you will need to apply for a Premises Licence to cover the event.

If this limit of 499 people is  exceeded, the event will be unauthorised and the premises user is liable to prosecution.

Does The TEN Need To Be Displayed?

The premises user must either:

  • secure that a copy of the TEN is prominently displayed at the premises being used for the permitted temporary activity
  • secure that the TEN is kept at the premises in his/her custody
  • secure that the TEN is kept at the premises in the custody of a person who is present and working at the premises and whom he has nominated for this purpose (and if this is the case, secure that a notice specifying this fact and the position held at the premises by that person is prominently displayed at the premises)




Last Updated on Friday, July 26, 2019