Premises licence - The process following the advertisement

The Process Following the Advertisement

Where all the requirements relating to the application have been met, and no relevant representations are made,  the Licensing Department can grant the licence. The licence will be issued and subject to conditions which are consistent with the operating schedule and any mandatory conditions.

If relevant representations are received, the Licensing Department will convene a Licensing Panel hearing (unless parties agree that this is unnecessary), The panel will consider the representations and, take one of a number of possible steps to promote the  licensing objectives. This may result in:

  • the rejection of the application
  • the exclusion of a licensable activity or;
  • granting of the licence, subject to mandatory conditions and/or conditions which are consistent with the operating schedule, modified to such extent as are considered necessary for the promotion of one or more of the licensing objectives



Last Updated on Monday, August 6, 2018