Premises licence - How long will a premises licence last?

How long will a Premises Licence last?

Unless you request otherwise your application for a Premises Licence will have no time limit and will continue to have effect unless it is withdrawn by the Licensing Department following an application for review of the licence, or surrendered by the Premises Licence Holder.

Once a Premises Licence has been granted you are required to pay the annual fee. The Policed Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 made amendments to the Licensing Act 2003 to give the Licensing Department the power to suspend a Premises Licence if the annual fee is not paid when due. If the Licensing Department issues you with a suspension notice for none payment of the annual fee the suspension will remain in place until the fee is paid meaning you will not be able to conduct licensable activities on the premises. 



Last Updated on Monday, August 6, 2018