Personal licence - Questions

Who Can Make Representations Against The Application?

If there are relevant offences, the Police can make a representation against the application on crime prevention grounds. If the police make a representation then there will be a hearing of the representation.


What Happens If I Change My Address?

You must inform the Licensing Department of any change to your name or address. If you fail to do this (without reasonable excuse) you commit a criminal offence and may be liable to prosecution.

To change your address the original Personal Licence must be returned to the Licensing Department along with the £37.00 fee and the application form. An amended Licence will then be sent to you in the post.

Notification Of Change Of Name Or Address


My Personal Licence Has Been Lost or Stolen

You need to inform the Licensing Department as a matter of urgency. There is a £37.00 fee for issuing a replacement licence.


Who can Object To My Application?

The Police can object to your application if you have been convicted of a relevant or foreign offence and they believe that by granting you a Personal Licence it would undermine the Crime and Disorder licensing objective. If the Police raise such objections you will be invited to attend a hearing at which the application will be considered by the Council’s Licensing Act Panel. During the hearing you will have the opportunity to make representations in support of your application.

The offences that are listed in Schedule Four to The Licensing Act 2003 are all relevant offences. A 'foreign offence' is an offence (other than a relevant offence) under the law of any place outside England and Wales.



Last Updated on Monday, May 24, 2021