Hackney Carriage vehicles - Fare tables and vehicle insurance

Fare Tables

The proprietor shall ensure that a copy of the current fare table supplied by the Council is on display inside the hackney carriage at all times and that table is not concealed from view or rendered illegible when the vehicle is for hire.

Further details on the Scale of Fares can be found here


Vehicle Insurance

At all times during the currency of the Licence the proprietor shall keep in force in relation to the use of the vehicle as a hackney carriage a Policy of insurance complying with the requirements of Part V1 of the Road Traffic Act 1984. The proprietor shall produce to the Council a new Certificate of Insurance or cover note within 7 days of the expiry of every Certificate of Insurance or cover note prior to renewal date.

Insurance must be held in the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle.

If you are not the registered keeper, for example you will be renting a vehicle to use for hire, the vehicle proprietor can name you as a driver on their policy.  Some larger rental companies will take out insurance cover which states any driver can use the vehicle with the policy holders permission. 



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019