Exotic, dangerous and wild animals - Council's duties

Council's Duties

Before granting a licence the Licensing Inspector must be satisfied that:

  • It is not contrary to the public interest to do so on the grounds of safety, nuisance or other grounds.
  • The applicant is a suitable person to hold a licence to keep the animals listed on the application.
  • The animal(s) will be kept in accommodation that prevents its escape and is suitable in respect of construction, size, temperature, drainage and cleanliness.
  • That the animal(s) will be supplied with adequate and suitable food drink and bedding material and be visited at suitable intervals.
  • Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure the protection of the animal(s) in case of fire or other emergency.
  • All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • The animal(s) accommodation is such that it can take adequate exercise.

Where the Council issues a licence, that licence will be subject to such conditions as the Council sees fit and in each case these conditions will specify that:

  • only the person named on the licence shall be entitled to keep the animal.
  • the animal shall only be kept on the premises named on the licence.
  • the animal shall not be moved or may only be moved in accordance with conditions specified in the licence.
  • the licensee must hold a current insurance policy, approved by the Council, which insures against liability for damage caused by the animal.
  • only the species and number of animals listed on the licence may be kept.
  • the licensee shall make a copy of the licence and its contents available to any other person listed on the licence as being able to look after the animal.

The Council may at any time revoke or amend any licence condition apart from those covered by 8 a) to 8 f) above.


Your Rights of Appeal

Any person aggrieved by a refusal to be granted a licence or by any conditions to which the licence is subject, may appeal to the Magistrates Court and the Courts may give such direction regarding the licence and its conditions as it thinks proper.



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