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£70 million for home energy efficiency through the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund - Press Release from Dept Energy and Climate Change

The Green Deal is the new Government scheme for improving the energy efficiency of Britain's buildings and is hoped to radically reduce the carbon emissions. The scheme will create a new financing mechanism to allow a range of energy efficiency measures to be installed in homes and businesses at no upfront cost. The cost will be covered by the savings made by the measures and paid back through the properties electricity bills.

The Process for Green Deal...


Stage One

Firstly a telephone assessment of your property will be made to see if you qualify for a Green Deal package. An Advisor will then visit your property to carry out an assessment in order to estimate how much energy your home uses and which energy saving measures could save you money. These measures can include Insulation (Roof and cavity/solid wall) double glazing windows and doors, boiler upgrades, draught proofing, floor insulation, solar PV, solar thermal and ground source heat pumps.

The Advisor will then produce a Green Deal Advice Report for you to start acting upon.

Stage Two

With your Green Deal Advice Report you can then contact Green Deal Providers to see who can give you the best deal. The Green Deal provider is effectively the company that arrange the finance for your project. The Provider will formulate your Green Deal plan, which is the contract between you and the Provider to have the measures installed and paid for by you through your electricity bills.

The Green Deal provider will also lay out your finance plan and give you the instalment rate you will pay back; this will be a monthly amount and paid back over anything up to a 25 year period.

You do not have to use your current electricity supplier to be your Green deal provider many different companies will offer different incentives to be your Green Deal supplier these may take the form of cash incentives or free goodies.

Stage Three

Once your Green deal provider has been put into place you can instruct a Green Deal accredited installer. You should get in touch with several Green Deal installers to ensure you are getting the best deal. Your Green Deal installer will work from your Green Deal plan and install the agreed energy efficiency measures as laid out in your Green Deal recommendations.

The installers will be paid directly from your Green Deal Provider you do not pay any money up front.

Stage Four

The Green Deal Provider will arrange to update your Energy Performance Certificate to take account of the improvement works taken place and finalise your repayment terms.

The Green Deal Provider will inform your electricity company about your Green Deal Plan so the repayments can start to be collected through your electricity bill. If you currently use a prepayment electricity meter then you will need to speak to your energy supplier to arrange an appropriate payment method.

Green Deal for Landlords

The government has produced a Quick Guide to the Green Deal Leaflet specifically for Landlords who are thinking about how green Deal can work for them.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, June 23, 2020