Nottinghamshire Flood Appeal

Applications Now Open for Nottinghamshire Flood Appeal

People affected in Bassetlaw by the November Floods can now apply to the Nottinghamshire Flood Appeal for a hardship grant of up to £500. The appeal, administered by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation sees funds raised by the Bassetlaw Flood Appeal, merged with the wider County appeal, in order to take advantage of Government match funding.

Initial applications for the fund can be made up until the 4th February, with application forms and guidance available online or in hard copy

Paper copies are available from the Council Offices in Worksop and Retford as well as the temporary Worksop Library in the Priory Centre.

If you would like to know more about this Appeal or need assistance to complete an application please contact Sue Fortune on 01529 305825 or 07908208838.

Neil Taylor, Chief Executive at Bassetlaw District Council and Catherine Burn, Director of BCVS said:

“People have been very generous in donating to the appeal to date and with the matched funding from the Government and the additional funds raised across the County, the money raised will go a lot further. The onus is now on to get the applications processed and the funds out to those in need.”

“Whilst it may seem strange that the Lincolnshire Community Foundation is administering a Nottinghamshire appeal, they have great experience in disbursing funds, especially in situations like flooding. Since their inception in 2002, they have awarded over £11million to more than 4,000 organisations and we are grateful for this expertise.”

Sue Fortune, Joint CEO at Lincolnshire Community Foundation said: “The Lincolnshire Community Foundation has been asked to respond on behalf of our partners in Nottinghamshire to disburse funds to support those affected by the flooding in November. Applications are now open to support those who suffered hardship as result of the floods and can help with a range of things including living costs, repairs, goods and make good loss or damage.”

The Bassetlaw Flood Relief Appeal raised £17,000 for local residents. If the appeal were to be shared equally between the 254 Bassetlaw households affected, they would receive just £66.92.

The Nottinghamshire Flood Appeal is expected to raise in excess of £22,500 and, when combined with Bassetlaw’s fund, will raise £39,500 and attract Government match funding which will double this amount, making a total of at least £79,000. This will then be made available to those Nottinghamshire households affected by flooding still facing hardship.

In a similar way that the South Yorkshire Community Foundation has been responsible for raising money for residents of Fishlake and the surrounding Doncaster Area who were affected by flooding, Lincolnshire Community Foundation were invited to set up a fund to raise money for our County. The reason Nottinghamshire Community Foundation asked the Lincolnshire Community Foundation to administer the Flood Relief Funds is they have greater experience of distributing moneys following natural disasters such as flooding.

Q & A

Q: Has any funding been paid out from donations to the flood appeal?

A: No. Initial applications for the fund are now open and can be made up until the 4th February.

Q: Why hasn’t the Bassetlaw fund paid out any money yet, especially with people being flooded before Christmas?

A: The Flood Appeal has received its current funds over a two-month period. Whilst we appreciate that people were flooded in November, the monies collected have come in over this whole time period. This means that the amounts that would have originally been available would have been small in relation to the number of properties flooded. We would therefore not have been able to pay out grants in a fair and proportionate manner.

Q: Why are you merging the funds, does this mean there will be less money for Bassetlaw residents affected by the floods?

A: No. Quite the opposite. Our intention has always been to maximise the amount available to affected residents and businesses. By merging the funds, there will be access to Government matched funding, meaning that donations are in effect doubled and there is more money available to apply for.

Q: Why are the Lincolnshire Community Foundation administering the appeal? Does that mean money is going to Lincoln?

A: No. Only Nottinghamshire residents affected by the flooding are eligible to apply. The Lincolnshire Community Foundation are administering this appeal on behalf of Nottinghamshire as they have experience in running flood appeals and disbursing funds.

Q: How many residential properties were flooded in Nottinghamshire?

A: 318 of which 254 were in Bassetlaw.



Last Updated on Wednesday, January 22, 2020