Flooding advice and information - The dangers of driving through flood water

Don't drive through floodwater

Did you know...

  • Driving through floodwater is the number 1 one cause of deaths during flooding?
  • Just 15 cm of water can knock a person off their feet?
  • Just 30 cm of water is enough to float a car?
  • An egg cup full of water is all it takes to flood a vehicle’s engine?

Would it surprise you that despite these statistics a whopping 74% of people would still risk driving through floodwater?

That means only one third of us would do the safe thing and opt to stay away from flooding dangers!

It’s important that we all stay safe during bad weather conditions on the road, so follow the Environment Agencies advice.

Driving in flood conditions

Advice on how to stay safe 

There is no way of telling how deep floodwater is, or what debris and dangers it could be concealing so always:

  • Stop, turn around and find an alternative, safe route wherever possible
  • If you find yourself in standing water slow down
  • Driving at pace can cause a bow wave, which could endanger other vehicles and pedestrians alike
  • Driving fast can also cause tyres to lose contact with the road, leading to ‘aquaplaning’ and loss of vehicle control
  • If you find yourself stuck in floodwater, stop and call the emergency services if it’s safe to do so.



Last Updated on Wednesday, December 29, 2021