Flooding advice and information - Flooding

Don't Wait for it to Happen Before You Decide on a Plan

Before Flooding

  • Stay calm and be prepared
  • Contact Environment Agency Flood Line on 0845 988 1188 for advice
  • If you are prone to flooding contact Notts Highways (if you live in Bassetlaw) and report any blocked surface water drains.
  • Prepare an Emergency Flood Pack
  • Familiarise yourself with gas and electricity isolation points.
  • Prepare an overnight bag in case you have to evacuate your home
  • Protect low level doorways and vents with boards and / or sandbags. Remember to remove these before using gas equipment.
  • If possible remove vulnerable furnishings, valuables, items of sentimental value, important documents and food supplies etc to an upper floor.
  • Check on any elderly or infirm relatives and neighbours to determine if they might need assistance

During a Flood

  • Keep calm – If in danger contact 999
  • Turn off gas and electricity supplies
  • If trapped remain near a window where you can be seen
  • Follow instructions given by emergency services
  • Be prepared to evacuate to a place of safety
  • Do not wade through flood waters as depth and currents can be deceiving

After Flooding

  • DO NOT switch gas or electricity supply back on until it has been checked
  • DO NOT use food that has been in contact with flood water
  • ALWAYS assume that flood water contains sewage
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all items soiled by flood water
  • Always use waterproof gloves when cleaning flood soiled items
  • Contact your insurer.

Other Useful Websites

More detailed advice and information about floods and drought conditions can be found at:



Last Updated on Friday, November 15, 2019