Help for businesses - Hygiene ratings and revisits

The Hygiene Ratings

After your inspection, you will be issued or sent a certificate and sticker indicating one of the following hygiene ratings:

  • 0 - Urgent improvement necessary
  • 1 - Major improvement necessary
  • 2 - Improvement necessary
  • 3 - Generally satisfactory
  • 4 - Good
  • 5 - Very Good

This rating will remain until you are inspected in the future, which depending on standards found at the inspection may vary from 6 months to 24 months.

If you make the improvements to hygiene standards that the inspecting food safety officer required, you can ask for a revisit before the next planned inspection so that the hygiene standards in your premises can be reassessed with a view to giving you an improved food hygiene rating.


How To Request a Revisit 

You must explain what actions you have taken on the issues raised at your last inspection and include supporting evidence such as receipts or photographs to show that work has been completed to improve standards. This is important as we may refuse your request if you do not provide sufficient information and evidence.



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019