Food premises structure - Floors, walls and surfaces in contact with food

All surfaces must be in a sound condition and must be easy to clean and, where necessary, disinfect. They need to be smooth, hard wearing, washable and in a good state of repair. Ceilings need to be designed and constructed to prevent the build up of dirt, condensation, mould and the shedding of particles.

  • Suggested floor coverings include flooring tiles (quarry ceramic or vinyl,) vinyl safety flooring, Terrazzo, cast-in-situ resin flooring. It's advisable that the flooring is covered to aid cleaning.
  • Suggested wall surfaces include washable painted plaster, Epoxy resin and similar coatings, ceramic tiles, stainless steel sheeting, PVC, GRP and other proprietary sheeting.
  • Suggested food contact surfaces include stainless steel, ceramic, food grade plastics.
  • Suggested ceiling surfaces include smooth washable painted plaster, direct fixed ceiling systems, suspended ceilings.



Last Updated on Tuesday, September 4, 2018