Food premises structure - Facilities

Facilities for Washing Food

Separate sinks must be provided for food preparation and equipment washing. The sinks must be provided with a supply of hot and cold running water which is of drinking quality. In smaller operations one sink may be used for both equipment and food washing, provided that both activities can be done effectively and without prejudice to food safety.

Wash Hand Basins

An adequate number of wash hand basins must be provided depending on the size and layout of your business. Wash hand basins must be located close to toilet facilities and at strategic places in the premises so that food handlers have access to them. Wash hand basins must only be used for washing hands. Materials for cleaning hands and for hygienic drying need to be provided. It is recommended that liquid soap is provided and drying facilities include either disposable paper towels, roller paper cabinet towels, warm air dryers, washable fabric towels.

Sanitary Accommodation for Food Handlers

An adequate number of flush lavatories must be available and connected to an effective drainage system. Lavatories must not lead directly into rooms in which food is handled. Two doors should provide an intervening ventilated space between the WC and food room. Food should not be stored in this space.



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019