Business waste and your duty of care - Transfer of non-hazardous waste

Each transfer of non-hazardous waste between parties must be accounted for on a document called a waste transfer note (WTN).   This is a legal document which must be signed by each party.   A template of a waste transfer note may be downloaded from the Environment Agency’s web-site.

Any form can be used as long as it contains all the required information:

  • A brief written description of the waste being transferred
  • The correct European Waste Code (EWC code) for the waste
  • An indication of how the waste is contained. Eg. is it loose, in a sack, skip or drum?
  • A SIC 2007 code
  • A tick box to state that the waste hierarchy has been considered
  • Identify the amount of waste being passed on, for example the number of sacks or other containers, the volume of waste or its weight
  • List your name and identify that you are the producer of the waste
  • List the name of the person you are passing the waste to and their status, for example a registered waste carrier, including their carrier’s registration number
  • Give the address where you passed the waste to the other person as well as the date and time that you gave him the waste
  • Be signed by both parties and be kept for at least two years

Remember, for repeated transfers, where the description of the waste and all the circumstances remain the same, a ‘season ticket’ can be used to cover all transfers i.e. one note which can last up to 12 months.

It is illegal to collect, or have collected, commercial or industrial non-hazardous waste without a valid WTN in place.  Although it is normal for the waste collection company to generate the waste transfer note, it is the transferor's legal responsibility to ensure that the EWC code is correct to ensure waste is handled, stored and disposed of safely and correctly.



Last Updated on Friday, November 10, 2017