Preventing drainage problems

Precautions you can take to help prevent drainage problems

  • Never cover over manhole lids - they may have to be lifted up to gain access to the pipework if the drains block
  • Check there is no loose brickwork in manhole chambers - loose bricks may fall and block the system
  • Do not extend a house over the line of drainage pipes or manholes without taking specialist advice
  • Changing underground drainage is likely to require Building Regulation approval
  • Do not pour anything into the drains that will solidify and block them eg. fat, plaster, or cement
  • It is dangerous and illegal to discharge toxic and flammable chemicals such as oil, petrol, paraffin, etc. into the drains
  • Do not try to clear blockages with anything apart from proper drainage rods. Lengths of timber, garden canes, etc. are not suitable and may cause further problems
  • Items such as paper towels, disposable nappies, incontinence pads etc. should not be put down the drains
  • It is unwise to plant trees or large shrubs near the line of a drain or sewer as the roots can penetrate the pipes and cause a major obstruction
  • When plumbing in an automatic washing machine or other appliance, make sure it discharges into the foul drainsĀ 

Last Updated on Friday, July 26, 2019