Changes to Polling Stations

Changes to Polling Stations for 6th May Elections 

Previous Polling Station   New Polling Station 
Worksop Tesco Temporary Polling Station  Balmoral Centre
Kingfisher Walk Temporary Polling Station   Roman’s Rest
Clumber Park Inn Car Park Temporary Polling Station, Retford  Clumber Inn, Retford
Gilbert Avenue Temporary Polling Station, Tuxford  Trent Villages Children’s Centre, Newark Road,  Tuxford
Prospect Hill School  St Joseph’s Social Club
Norbridge Academy  Valley Children’s Centre
Gamston School  Markham Moor Inn
Venetian Room, Worksop Town Hall  Worksop Scout Centre, Slack Walk
North Worksop Childrens Centre  Three Legged Stool
Centre for Sport & Learning, Manton  Manton Children’s Centre, Manton
Salvation Army Hall, Newcastle Avenue  The Crossing
Kilton Forest Community Centre, Larwood  Kilton Forest Golf Club
Buttermarket, Retford Town  Albert Hall
Hayton Village Hall  Clayworth Memorial Hall
Scofton  Manton Sports Club
Woodbeck Community Centre  Rampton Village Hall



Last Updated on Friday, April 9, 2021