Completion notices - What criteria is used to decide a completion date?

What criteria is used to decide a completion date?

A property will be considered to have reached a stage of substantial completion when it meets the following criteria:
  1. The basic structure is complete, for example all external walls and roof in place.
  2. Internal walls are built (although not necessarily plastered).
  3. Floors laid (although the screed or top coat of concrete need not have been laid).

Many properties will have reached an advanced level of completion where, for example, ceilings are in place, walls have been plastered and second fixing may have commenced.

In these circumstances the amount of time allowed in the notice for full completion of the property may be quite short.

A property may be considered to be complete where the following types of work have not yet been finished:

  1. Internal decoration of the property.
  2. Final fitting of sanitary ware and kitchen units
  3. Final fitting of electrical plug points and switches
  4. Final connection of water, gas and electricity (although services should be laid on to the site).



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019