Updates during Coronavirus Pandemic

Updates 06/01/21 - Updates have been made to some Council Housing Services following the latest government restrictions from Tuesday 5 January 2021.

Contacting our Housing Service

If you want to get in touch with us about a general enquiry, speak to your Housing Officer about a tenancy issue, report a repair or speak to us about any other housing related issues, please call us on 0800 590542 or email customer.services@bassetlaw.gov.uk

Housing Officers – Our Housing Officers are now able to conduct home visits in a socially distanced and Covid Secure way. They are available to contact via phone and email. Please call 01909 533 533 if you know the name of your Housing Officer or 0800 590542.


We are currently accepting Emergency, Urgent and Routine repairs. If you or a member of your household are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus and have chosen to self-isolate, please tell us when reporting a repair.

You can also Report a Repair online.

We are currently working our way through a back-log of routine repairs and we thank tenants for their patience during this time and will complete all routine repairs as soon as possible. 

Any planned repairs that are currently taking place will be completed. Unfortunately, we are not able to carry out any new planned repairs until further notice. However, if following a recent visit a repair has been identified as a Health and Safety Risk, we will then undertake the planned work within 13 weeks to comply with our statutory duties.

Gas/Oil Repairs – Our gas and oil contractor Sure Maintenance is continuing to attend planned services and emergency repairs, subject to screening questions.

Gas Servicing Audits - Our Third Party Auditor Morgan Lambert will continue their inspections throughout the lockdown restrictions, as per Government Guidelines, that tradespeople can continue to work in people’s homes.

For gas related repairs, please call Sure Maintenance direct on 0800 083 3743.

All repairs, servicing and audits will be undertaken in line with the Government guidance of working in people’s homes. This includes robust risk assessments being put in place to safeguard both our customers, employees and contractors.  For more information about our Repairs Service, you can visit our Repairs and Home Improvement pages or read our Repairs Policy.  

Gas Servicing and Safety Certificates

Gas Servicing appointments are continuing as planned through our contractor Sure Maintenance subject to screening questions. If you were due to have a gas service or safety visit and have chosen to self-isolate, please contact us and this will be arranged for you as soon as your isolation period has ended or you are feeling well again.

Electrical Testing – Our contractors have begun an electrical testing programme as Electrical compliance and safety is vital to keep all our tenants safe. If you have chosen to self-isolate, please contact us and this appointment will be arranged for you as soon as your isolation period has ended or you are feeling well again.

Major Works Major works and property survey programmes to council properties are continuing under the new National Lockdown guidelines. Unfortunately, some works may be delayed or take longer than normal to complete due to potential difficulties in obtaining certain building materials.

If you have chosen to self-isolate, or you are not comfortable with certain works taking place in your home, please contact us and this appointment will be arranged for you.

Support Housing

Independent Living Centres

  • Following the latest government guidance, community rooms in Independent Living Centres will remain closed.  Laundry facilities can be used, but only one person is allowed in the laundry room at any time.
  • People are prohibited from socialising with anybody they do not live with, or have not formed a support bubble with, in any indoor setting.  Therefore, only relatives who are part of a resident’s social bubble, carers, and those providing an essential service will be allowed to visit residents in the Independent Living Centres – any visitor must use hand sanitiser when they enter the building and wear a face mask at all times (unless they have an exemption) whilst in the communal parts of the building. 
  • They must also sign-in when they enter, either by scanning their mobile phone on the QR track & trace code, or completing a form with their details and placing it in a secure box (all information is shredded after 14 days).
  • Anyone who has a symptom of Covid-19, or has to self-isolate, must not enter one of the Independent Living Centres.


  • In order to protect vulnerable and older adults we have replaced our daily physical visits with phone calls.  Wardens will continue to conduct essential health, safety and well-being checks at our Independent Living Schemes, but will not normally be based at the office in a scheme.
  • If you need to speak to a Warden about any issue, you should make a request by using your Alarm (either pulling the cord or pressing the red button).  You will be connected to the Tunstall Response Monitoring Centre, who will take details of your query and pass it onto the Warden.

Lifeline and Keysafes

  • To reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus, where possible we will be posting Lifeline alarm units to someone who has requested one, along with instructions on how to install the unit – our staff will be available by telephone to assist with the installation.   Where this is not possible, our staff will be able to visit the property to carry out the installation, but the number of Lifeline and Keysafe installation appointments has been restricted. We ask that you give as much notice as possible if you require either service for a hospital discharge.


  • While restrictions are in place to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus, we have changed the way that we allocate our properties, conduct viewings and enable new tenants to move into their homes.
  • All of our revised practices are conducted in line with Government advice and have been risk assessed to ensure the safety of potential new tenants and our staff.

Looking for a property and bidding

  • You can view all of the properties that are available each week on our Homefinder website. We are not currently producing hard copies of our property guides until further notice.
  • If you have a Homefinder account, you can bid for a property as you normally would. However, at this time we ask that you only bid on a property if you are certain that you would accept the property should your bid be successful.

Allocating properties and viewings

  • In order to conduct viewings in the safest way possible for tenants and staff, we will be allocating properties and arranging viewings with the highest placed applicants.
  • Should you wish to view a property, we ask that a maximum of two people from the same household attend the viewing. We cannot permit children under the age of 16 to attend a viewing at this time.  When you do view a property, you must wear a face covering and gloves – these can be made available to you – and you are asked to only touch door/cupboard handles or stair rails whilst you are in the property.  You should not touch any other surfaces.

Sign-ups and moving in

  • Should your bid and viewing be successful and you wish to move into the property, we will contact you by phone and take you through the sign-up process in the same way that we would during a face-to-face interview. This will involve talking through the terms of the tenancy agreement with one of our Allocations Officers and supplying you with other relevant information.
  • Once the sign-up process is complete we will send the final Tenancy Agreement to you by post, or another agreed safe method, for you to sign and return to us. This can be returned by post, by dropping it off at any of our offices in Worksop, Retford or Carlton Forest, or by arranging collection with our Allocations Officer.
  • Once this process is complete we will arrange for the collection or delivery of keys and you will be free to move into your new home.
  • Should you have any further questions about the revised allocations, viewings or sing-up procedures, please contact our Allocations Officers on 0800 590 542.

Other Services

Community Centres

  • Unfortunately, all of our Community Centres will be closed until there is a change in government guidance.
  • We are also working in partnership with local Health Services to identify suitable locations for the roll out of covid-19 vaccine and/or testing – where a Centre is used for this purpose, no other activity can take place.  This would mean that those Centres will continue to be unavailable for hiring even with a change in government guidance.

Caretaking Teams 

Our Caretaking Teams will continue to be out in our communities.

Unfortunately, we have seen a significant and unacceptable increase in the amount of fly-tipping and household rubbish left on our estates.    Apart from the negative effects on the environment, this is causing a health and safety issue to our communities. 

It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they properly dispose of all unwanted items or items of rubbish, either by using the Council’s Refuse Collection Service, or one of Recycling Centres.

We are checking through any items of rubbish that are found illegally left or tipped on our estates, and we will take action to fine or prosecute any person that we can identify doing this.

Community Skips - Our Community Skip Programme is currently suspended. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 6, 2021