Tenants Compact 2017- 2022



Welcome to the Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Tenants’ and Leaseholders’ Compact 2022. The compact is the official agreement between Bassetlaw District Council (BDC) and their tenants. The compact sets out how tenants and leaseholders can become involved in decision-making to ensure that Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing services meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

This compact has been developed in consultation with tenants, leaseholders, Tenants and Residents Associations (TRA’s), The Bassetlaw Association of Tenants and Residents Associations (BATRA), staff and district councillors.

The Compact aims to:

  • Encourage Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing, its partners and tenants to work together to continually improve Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing’s services and its service delivery
  • Allow tenants to be our judge by challenging our performance and testing our services 
  • Work together to provide successful neighbourhoods that improve the quality of life for local people
  • Encourage tenants to get involved in the way that best suits their lifestyle
  • Eliminate the barriers to participation
  • Involve tenants in clear and open decision-making
  • Make tenant involvement effective by:
    • Providing a range of ways for tenants to get involved
    • Providing good feedback to participants on the actions taken as a result of consultation
    • Monitor involvement
  • Support and develop tenants and resident’s associations so they are able to improve their neighbourhood.

The Compact is an extension of the Customer Strategy and allows Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing to achieve its core aims:

Core Aim 3

‘Working with Partners’

Core Aim 4

‘A Viable Co-operative Organisation’

Part 1 of the Compact describes Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing’s 8 key principles of resident involvement. Part 2 gives information on resident involvement structures, resources, standards, dispute resolution and useful contacts.

Our Commitment to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Tenants’ and Leaseholders’ Compact 2017

We, the undersigned, agree with the 8 key principles set out in this Compact. We support and commit to the actions required by these principles. We agree and support the statements set out in Part 2 of the Compact.

Steve Scotthorne
Housing Portfolio Holder

Judy Turner
Chair of Bassetlaw Association of Tenants and Residents Associations


Part 1 - Our Key Principles

Our key principles of resident involvement

To work towards being a resident led organisation that engages, empowers and listens to residents’ views and experiences and uses them to shape services and confirm Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing’s direction.

Effective resident involvement allows customers to be involved in a way that suits their lifestyle and provides confidence that customer views are taken into account and drive service improvements that will allow Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing to meet customer needs and expectations.

Our compact is built around 8 key principles:

  1. Resident involvement will make us change the way we do things
  2. We will listen
  3. We will let you know what is happening
  4. We will tell you what differences you have made
  5. Involvement includes everyone
  6. Resident involvement has to make a difference
  7. Residents will be our judge
  8. To provide clear information

Principle 1

Resident involvement will make us change the way we do things

We will use feedback collected in a variety of different ways to assess our services and where necessary make improvements. Examples of where we will obtain your feedback include, (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Customer Complaints
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Compliments
  • Customer Comments
  • Consultation events and surveys

All our services will be open to influence and involvement from our customers.

How will we do this?

We listen... We learn...

We will use your feedback collected in a variety of ways including Complaints, Compliments, Comments and Suggestions to make recommendations to senior managers for service improvements and if agreed, track their progress. So you can be assured that improvements to services will be made based on your feedback and expectations.

How will you do this?

  • Send us your comments or suggestions
  • If something goes wrong let us know
  • If you receive a satisfaction survey call spend a couple of minutes giving your feedback
  • If we are hosting an event pop in and see us

Principle 2

We will listen to customers

We will listen and take notice of our customer’s feedback and show respect and fairness to all customers who engage with Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing.

How will we do this?

By providing a variety of ways for you to be heard we can be sure that everyone has a voice. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will capture your views in the following ways:

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Complaints, compliments, comments & suggestions
  • Be Heard from Home
  • Facebook
  • Conferences and Consultation Events
  • Estate Inspections

How will you do this?

  • Voting at our Conferences and Consultation events
  • Complete satisfaction surveys
  • Join our Be Heard from Home group
  • Follow Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and look out for notices and online surveys
  • Find out when your next Estate Inspection is and join in
  • Join the Bassetlaw Tenant Forum 

Remember… Your voice counts... Make sure it is heard!

Principle 3

We will let customers know what is happening

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing aims to provide clear information on all of our services. We will promote events on our website, our Facebook page and in our newsletter, In Touch. We will produce a leaflet explaining how you can be involved.

How will we do this?

We will promote events on our website, our Facebook page and in our newsletter, In Touch. We will produce a leaflet explaining how you can be involved. ‘Be a part of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing’ and a leaflet outlining all of the ways you can be involved.

How will you do this?

  • Visit our website
  • Look out for your newsletter ‘In Touch’ and read it, we produce two copies a year in April and October
  • Get hold of our leaflets and see what ways you can be involved to suit you and your lifestyle

Principle 4

We will tell customers what differences they have made We will publicise what changes Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing have made following your involvement or feedback.

How will we do this?

We will include ‘You Said, We Did’ articles in our newsletter, In Touch and on our website. We will produce a yearly Resident Involvement Impact Report to assess all of our methods of involvement to see what’s working best to ensure you are getting value for money and methods of involvement that are effective.

How will you do this?

Look out for the ‘You Said, We Did’ articles in our In Touch magazine and on our website to see what differences being involved have made, you can then encourage your friends and neighbours to be involved too.

Principle 5

Involvement includes everyone

We expect our customers to talk to us and all Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing customers will be encouraged to be involved.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing aims to know who all our customers are, and will provide ways so that everyone can be involved, both formal and informal with a range of levels so that everybody can be heard. To help us do this Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will aim to build the capacity and confidence of everyone involved.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will plan all of its involvement and all housing staff will be involved.

How will we do this?

We will produce customer information leaflets to promote how being involved with Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing makes changes and improvements to the services we provide. We will make sure that the range of involvement methods means everyone can voice their opinion and be heard. Our staff will seek out and encourage tenants to be involved.

We will develop and maintain a register of all those who are involved, no matter how small the involvement and log the service areas that are of most interest to them so we can use the information to recruit key tenants to service improvement groups.

How will you do this?

Consider being involved with Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing no matter how much or little time you have spare, everything helps and by just filling in a satisfaction survey you are taking part and helping to shape services.

Please contact Anita Fairweather, Tenant Engagement Officer:

T: 0800 590 542

Principle 6

Resident Involvement has to make a difference

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will test what it does around resident involvement to make sure there is a positive impact for customers. It will continually look for new and innovative ways to involve customers and make sure that we involve customers at the beginning of any changes to services.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will provide reasonable resources to support resident involvement and ensure value for money for all its activities.

How will we do this?

We will produce an annual Resident Involvement Impact Report showing the areas of involvement that have made the most difference.

We will raise the importance of involvement to staff in induction training, through staff roadshows and team briefings. We will look for areas of best practice from across the country and we will ask you if you think being involved makes a difference.

How will you do this?

Let us know what ways you like being involved and if you think we could be doing something else. Contact details.

Principle 7

Residents will be our judge

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing has residents who will double-check that we are doing what we say we are and prioritise areas for improvement.

We involve our customers when setting and agreeing our Local Offer. We will provide information on how we perform against these targets.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will encourage customers and our recognised groups to challenge us to do more things better. We will publicise our performance in key services in the tenant newsletter, In Touch and present performance information to Housing Advisory Group and Bassetlaw Tenants Forum.

How will we do this?

We will recruit Mystery Shoppers to test services under the direction of the Tenants Engagement Officer. We will publish the findings and feedback from these ‘tests’ in our newsletter, In Touch.

How will you do this?

You can register your interest in becoming a member of our team of Mystery Shoppers.

Principle 8

Provide Clear Information

We will be open and honest about what can and what can’t be done.

We will provide information in formats to suit all.

How will we do this?

We will provide information in a range of formats, and make sure all written information is clear and easy to read.

Service representatives will report key performance information to the Bassetlaw Tenant Forum four times a year and answer any raised concerns or questions.

How will you do this?

Let us know how easy our information is to read. Spend 10-15 minutes reading our newsletter, In Touch, it is full of useful information.

Visit our website and let us know if it was easy to get to where you needed to go and let us know what performance information you most want to see and how you want to receive it.

Part 2

How you can get involved

Resident Involvement can cover a range of activities from taking part in a survey, attending an Estate Inspection, getting involved in or setting up a TRA, becoming a Tenant Voice and representing your community or joining our Bassetlaw Tenant Forum and Mystery Shoppers or ultimately apply to be a tenant member on the Housing Consultation Group.

Our Tenant Engagement leaflet sets out all of the different ways and levels for tenants to be involved depending on the level of involvement they want to give and how much time they have to spare. Please contact the Tenant Engagement Officer for more details.

BDC Housing Structure of Tenant Engagement

Bassetlaw District Council Cabinet

Housing Consultation Group


  • Housing Consultation Group
    5 Councillors including Portfolio Holder for Housing (Chair) plus 2 Ruling Party, 1 Opposition Member, 1 Independent, 3 Tenant Reps 

Officer Support: Head of Housing


  • Significant service issues relating to maintenance and management of housing stock 
  • Consultation with tenants
  • Performance (exceptions) of the Housing Service.


  • Quarterly

Bassetlaw Association of Tenants & Residents BATRA

Tenants & Residents Associations

Tenant Voices

Bassetlaw Tenants Forum


  • Any member of a TRA
  • Representatives of BATRA
  • Tenant Voices
  • Open to all tenants


  • Consultation
  • Information Sharing
  • New Initiatives
  • Performance


  • Consultation

Mystery Shoppers

See Tenant Compact for full details of all the ways to get involved

Equality and Diversity

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing is committed to the Equality and Diversity Agenda. Our community is made up of lots of different types of people. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing recognise and embrace the differences between all of us whether it is on the basis of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or any other matter that may cause a person to be treated with injustice.

As an organisation we incorporate equal opportunity considerations into every part of how we deliver our services and the way we treat our employees. We focus on the individual and not groups to ensure inclusion, access and acceptance for everyone. By learning about these differences it enables us to meet the needs and improve the service we provide to both our internal and external customers.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will continually strive to:

  • Ensure everyone has equal opportunity to access our services and employment.
  • We will make reasonable adjustments to remove barriers to ensure inclusion, access and acceptance
  • Increase our knowledge of diverse communities to enable us to meet the needs of both our internal and external customer
  • Consult with individuals, agencies and local communities to ensure that services provided remain responsive and reflect
    diversity needs
  • Develop a workforce that reflects the community we serve 
  • Be proactive in working towards eliminating unlawful discrimination and harassment and lead by example in developing and promoting a positive attitude to all employees and members of our community
  • Encourage everyone to take part in how we run our service
  • Work with organisations that share and are committed to these values
  • Embed these values at the core of our culture and within our policies and practices

Services Provided by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing is responsible for delivering the following services:

  • Allocations and lettings
  • Dealing with neighbour disputes, low level anti-social behaviour and harassment
  • Managing empty properties
  • Leasehold management
  • Collecting and recovering rent arrears (missed payments)
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Major improvements
  • Independent Living Centres
  • Tenancy and estate management
  • Drawing up capital and renovation programmes
  • Adaptations
  • Supported Housing Services
  • Branching Out
  • Resident Involvement

Tenants and Leaseholders can obtain a booklet containing all of our service standards including standards for dealing with customer complaints from any of our offices, online or by contacting our Customer Services Team on 0800 590 542.

Resources for tenant involvement

Effective participation can only happen if tenants and residents receive support. Resources are provided through financial assistance, training, guidance, advice and practical support. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing has a dedicated budget for involving our tenants and for supporting community groups, (including recognised Tenants & Resident Associations).

Support is provided through:

  • A dedicated Tenant Engagement Officer at Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing who works to support and develop tenant involvement at all levels
  • Neighbourhood Housing Officers who work in every area and support local resident involvement
  • Payment of reasonable expenses for tenants attending Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing meetings and offer incentives to attend where appropriate
  • Training involved tenants so they can perform their role effectively, to increase confidence
  • Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing may be able to provide free accommodation to recognised TRAs, according to their need and
    where suitable accommodation is available 
  • A Rewards Scheme that is geared to encourage resident involvement

Full details can be obtained from our Customer Services team on 0800 590 542 or by viewing our housing page.


When we run a meeting we will:

  • Make clear its purpose
  • Give at least a week’s notice
  • Provide personal written invitations to tenants where appropriate
  • Ensure there is publicity in public places
  • Involve the local TRA or Tenant Voice in any open meeting
  • Provide relevant information on appropriate websites
  • Ensure that meetings are run in a proper and open manner
  • Allow all those attending to have their say
  • Allow sufficient time for questions
  • Enable the exchange of views and ideas with staff and members
  • Prevent intimidation or domination of the meeting by individuals or groups
  • Record those attending the meeting
  • Make minutes from the meeting available within 4 weeks
  • Make clear any items that have been agreed
  • Make clear subsequent action to be taken and by whom
  • Provide a timetable for action
  • Ensure times and venue are convenient and safe for the tenants and their families involved
  • Ensure that the venue and times are suitable and accessible for people with disabilities

Equality and Diversity

Facilities, materials and assistance will be provided to meet specific diversity requirements e.g. hearing loops, interpreters. We will make sure venues used for meetings have full disabled access and toilet facilities. We will routinely provide large print documents for those with sight impairment and take individual dietary requirements into account when providing refreshments.

Other Assistance

Reasonable travel expenses and parking costs will be reimbursed

  • Light refreshments will be provided free of charge
  • Incentives to attend meetings will be offered when appropriate

The Role of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing & Tenant

The role of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing recognises the importance of giving communities a voice and encourages tenants who wish to become a Tenant Voice, (TV) or set up a Tenants and Residents Association, (TRA). The role of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing is that of a supporter and in the case of TRA’s also a funder where the agreed criteria is met.

Community groups and representatives are answerable to the people they represent and Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing does not have any powers to intervene with TRA or TV activities.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will offer guidance, training and support to all those that are involved to ensure that they are effective at the role they carry out.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will share information on its performance and activities with all recognised TRAs and TVs on the understanding that this information is then shared within the community.

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will encourage and receive feedback from a community via TRAs and TVs.

If there is a complaint regarding a TRA or TV it will be dealt with as detailed in Complaints and Disputes.

The role of a Tenants & Residents Association (TRA) or Tenants Voice (TV)

For the purposes of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing the following should apply within the role of a TRA or TV:

  • Act as a community representative and share information from A1 Housing and provide Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing with feedback on its services
  • Compliance with the criteria.

The role of Bassetlaw Association of Tenants and Residents Associations (BATRA)

This is a group for all the TRAs, Tenant Voices and any other relevant voluntary groups in Bassetlaw. It meets on a monthly basis. The group discuss any issues relating to the services Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing provides and any local problems they may be experiencing. Together they give each other support and can make joint recommendations to organisations including, Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

BATRA is also where Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will keep tenants informed of any changes to housing policies and strategies and involve them in their development.

BATRA is required to comply with Clauses 2, 3, 4, & 5 of the Standards for Tenants and Residents Associations, as a minimum standard. If fully compliant with these criteria then BATRA will be awarded an annual grant from Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing, (the amount of grant available will be subject to yearly review).

BATRA meet monthly and allow Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing to:

  • Consult on strategic issues relating to housing services 
  • Inform tenants and residents of changes to Government, Council or Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing policy in relation to housing
  • Debate issues and provide feedback to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing and the Council to assist in decision-making
  • Present performance management information


Standards for Tenants and Residents Associations (TRAs)

In order to be recognised TRAs are required to satisfy the following criteria:

The criteria reflect the Core Standards for Tenants Groups or (TRAs) set out by the Government in its National Framework for Tenant Participation Compacts for groups formally involved in decision-making.

  1. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will recognise only one group per area. Each group must clearly define the area they wish to represent.
  2. After the group has been established it must draw up and adopt a formal constitution, which will include:
    • The aims of the group
    • Who can join (i.e. Membership)
    • Management of the group (i.e. Committee Officials, frequency of meetings etc)
    • Details of Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
      • Rules of procedure
      • Dissolution of the group
      • Changes to the constitution
      • Financial records and accounts
      • Code of Conduct
      • Equality & Diversity Policy

A copy of the constitution must be provided to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing.

  1. The group will complete the annual Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form from Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing and
    return the completed forms to the Customer Services Team.
  2. The group will hold at least one public meeting each year and elect its officers and committee (AGM). Groups are recommended to have open quarterly meetings.
  3. The group shall:
    • Take formal minutes of its Annual General Meeting, a copy of which must be made available to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing within 4 weeks of the AGM
    • Maintain proper financial records and produce annual accounts, externally checked by a suitably qualified person and which will be made available to members at the AGM and to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing within 4 weeks of the AGM. Any TRA who does not present accounts at an AGM shall have their
      recognition by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing suspended until such time that they have presented the accounts to their membership and received membership approval. The accounts and minutes of the meeting at which they were presented should then be made available to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing within 4 weeks of the meeting taking place in order to regain recognised status 
    • Ensure that the appointed Treasurer attends training (provided by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing) once every 2 years or, if newly appointed within 3 months of appointment
    • Maintain records of committee and general meetings and allow inspection of these by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing on request
    • Inform the Tenant Engagement Officer of any changes in the officers of the group. This will be acknowledged by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing.
  4. The group must demonstrate a minimum level of active membership and support from the area to be eligible for recognition. To qualify as a TRA membership should include no less than 6 tenant households. Membership will be reviewed on a yearly basis. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will recognise residents elected as a Parish, District or County Councillor as general members of a TRA, but these residents should not hold a position as a committee official on the TRA.

  5. Tenants or Residents who held a Committee Official position of a TRA that was de-recognised by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing shall not be permitted to hold another Committee Official position in newly formed or neighbouring TRA for a period of time determined by BATRA and the Director of Regeneration & Neighbourhoods.
  6. The TRA will publicise its AGM to all households in its area to encourage participation and involvement. It will provide examples of effective promotion of its existence and events within the area it represents.
  7. The TRA will set its own objectives for its development and activity each year and report progress on these to its membership (for example these could be reported back to and agreed at each AGM and possible objectives could include specific local issues needing action, training needs and increasing active membership).
  8. These recognition criteria can be reviewed on an annual basis at the request of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing or Bassetlaw Association of Tenants and Residents Associations (BATRA). The reviewed compact will be sent to all relevant partners for comment and approval before being implemented.
  9. TRAs will be subject to an annual appraisal from Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing. The purpose of the appraisal will be to verify continuing compliance with the recognition criteria, and offer guidance and support for further development. The TRA will qualify for the annual grant under the Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Rewards Scheme on confirmation of compliance, (the amount of grant available will be subject to yearly review). TRAs failing compliance criteria will have their recognition withdrawn.
  10. TRAs failing to comply with the formal recognition criteria will be referred to the Committee Officials of BATRA and the Director of Regeneration and Neighbourhoods.

Standards for Tenant Voices (TV)

  1. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will recognise only one Tenant Voice per area. Each TV must clearly define the area they wish to represent.
  2. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will administer a community vote for all tenants who live in the area the TV wishes to represent.
    To be successfully appointed the proposed TV must obtain a majority from all returned votes and will receive a one off start up grant of £100, (this is not available to TVs who are voted back in for subsequent terms).
  3. The TV shall attend no less than 7 BATRA meetings throughout the calendar year and receive a vote on consultation issues brought by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing or its partners.
  4. The TV shall effectively promote its existence.
  5. The TV will set their own objectives for development and activity each year and report progress on these to Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing.
  6. TVs will be subject to an annual appraisal. The purpose of the appraisal will be to verify continuing compliance with the recognition criteria, and offer guidance and support for further development. TVs failing compliance criteria will have their recognition withdrawn.
  7. TVs failing to comply with the formal recognition criteria will be referred to the Committee Official of BATRA and the Director of Regeneration and Neighbourhoods.
  8. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will not support the proposal of a tenant to become a TV who has previously held a TV position and was de-recognised by Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing or held a Committee Official position of a TRA that was derecognised by Bassetlaw District Council’s for a period of time determined by BATRA and the Director of Regeneration and Neighbourhoods.
  9. A TV should not hold a position of Parish, Town, District or County Councillor.
  10. These recognition criteria can be reviewed on an annual basis at the request of Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing or Bassetlaw Association of Tenants and Residents Associations (BATRA). The reviewed compact will be sent to all relevant partners for comment and approval before being implemented.

Rewards Scheme

In order to be recognised TRAs are required to satisfy the following criteria:

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing has established a wide range of rewards with the overall aim of encouraging tenants to get involved and help to shape Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Services and improve tenant satisfaction. Tenants taking part in key involvement roles are rewarded for their time and contribution.

The scheme rewards the following roles:

  • Bassetlaw Tenant Forum
  • Be Heard from Home Group
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Tenant & Resident Association Annual Grant
  • Bassetlaw Association of Tenants & Residents Associations (BATRA) Annual Grant
  • Tenant & Resident & Tenant Voice Start up Grant
  • Satisfaction Survey Prize Draw

Involvement Rewards

Bassetlaw Tenants Forum - Each member of the Bassetlaw Tenant Forum will receive *£25 if they attend 4 meetings throughout the calendar year, (January to December). Meetings include the Tenant Conference and Meet the Team event.

  • Mileage to and from meetings can be claimed and is payable at 0.40p per mile

Tenants & Resident Association Annual Grant - Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will issue each existing TRA with an annual grant of £600 as a contribution towards their daily running costs and to provide community services, e.g. newsletters, events and galas. Before this grant is issued the TRA must meet the criteria set out on the Tenant Compact.

Bassetlaw Association of Tenants & Resident Associations, (BATRA) Annual Grant - Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing will issue an annual grant of £1500 as a contribution towards BATRA’s running costs. Before this grant is issued the BATRA must meet the criteria set out in the Tenant Compact.

Tenants & Residents Association & Tenant Voice Start Up Grant - Bassetlaw District Council will issue a £100 start-up grant to any group wishing to set up as a tenant and resident association for their area. The criteria required to qualify for this are listed in the Tenant Compact.

Completing Satisfaction Surveys - Every tenant agreeing to participate in any of the telephone surveys will be included in a monthly draw for 4 prizes of *£25.

* amounts may change and are payable in ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers

Complaints & Disputes

Complaints About the Tenant Participation Compact

The National Framework for Tenant Participation Compacts recommends that complaints should be dealt with at the lowest possible managerial level. If individual tenants feel the service received does not meet the performance standards outlined in this Compact, e.g. insufficient notice is given for meetings, then in the first instance they should speak to the department or section responsible. If they do not receive a satisfactory response then they should contact the Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing and log an official complaint that will be investigated in accordance with Housing’s complaints procedure.

Disputes Between Parties to the Agreement

In cases where there is a serious dispute between parties, e.g. Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing and a TRA, a panel containing independent tenants and Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing employees will be established solely for the purpose of investigating the case/complaint.

The panel will review the case and make recommendations to improve the situation.

Complaints About Tenants and Residents Associations

If a tenant or resident has a complaint about their Tenants and Residents Association (TRA), they should write to the Chair of the TRA and allow them to give a response and resolve the issue. Contact details can be found on the Council’s Housing website www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/housing

All tenants and residents associations are being encouraged through this agreement to develop open, accountable and inclusive constitutions and to encourage participation and feedback from members.

If illegal activity, including fraudulent use of funds, is suspected this should be reported to the Police. If tenants are unhappy with the way in which their TRA has dealt with their complaint they should write to the Tenant Engagement Officer with details. If the complainant is still dissatisfied, the complaint can be passed to BATRA for consideration or be heard by the above panel.

Disputes within Tenants and Residents Associations 

Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing encourage TRA’s to be inclusive, open and fair to all. The TRA should adhere to its formal constitution and code of conduct. Where there may be disputes due to a lack of communication, lack of involvement of all officials or members or domination by one member that the TRA have not been able to resolve the matter should be passed to the Tenant Engagement Officer for advice and possible resolution through mediation.

Useful contacts

Bassetlaw District Council
Telephone: 01909 533 533,
Queens Buildings,
Potter Street,
S80 2AH.

17b The Square,
DN22 6DB.

Carlton Forest House,
Hundred Acre Lane,
S81 0TS

Focus on Young People in Bassetlaw (FoYPiB)
Kilton Forest GC,
Blyth Road,
S80 0TL.
Telephone: 01909 531 504,
Email: support@foypib.org.uk

Citizens Advice
100-102 Bridge St,
S80 1HZ

c/o County Contact,
Market Square,

The Information Centre
South Yorkshire,
DN11 8JP,
Telephone: 08448 563 411

Bassetlaw Action Centre
Canal Street,
DN22 6EZ.
Telephone: 01777 709 650


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