Tenant Voices – Here for Tenants and Residents of Bassetlaw

In communities and rural locations where there are no Tenants and Residents Associations or Groups we want to bridge the gap to prevent social isolation and exclusion

We want to engage and hear from our many tenants who are the silent ones

We promise to actively listen and support individuals to access services, contribute their views on how to make things better for tenants in their home and within their neighbourhood.

Your views and opinions really matter to influence council services to reflect your  priorities and suggestions.

We will report on every action where a service improvement has been made following a suggestion to make a change.

By Providing ALL of our tenants the opportunity to be heard, raise a query, and ask a question give their views and feedback about their homes and their neighbourhoods.

We need more Tenant Voices caring individuals keen to make a difference and represent neighbours and members of their community. 

Could you be a Tenant Voice in your area and represent some of the many tenants who we don’t hear from, help to get their voices heard.

We currently have four Tenant Voices based throughout Bassetlaw who are supported by Voices of Bassetlaw our exciting new tenants group

We have Tenant Voices in the following areas:


  • Larwood  - Susan Haydock - 07739 465 536
  • Worksop Priory - Susan Ivatt   - 07495887630


  • Sturton Le Steeple & Leverton - Kate Bishop - 01427 880 386
  • Dunham on Trent - Nina Thiedeman - 01777 228 611

Vacancies in all areas of Bassetlaw

Could you be the next voice of your community We want to hear from you?

  • You will receive training and support and learn new skills
  • You will receive a startup grant of £100 to promote yourself in your area.
  • You will get free membership to TPAS the tenant engagement experts
  • You will get travel expenses when attending face/face meeting
  • Digital support to attend Zoom or Microsoft online meetings.

Contact Anita Fairweather Tenant and Resident Engagement Officer for more information

Last Updated on Tuesday, April 11, 2023