Anthony Coultate - Rampton

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Telephone: 07391 013 184

Mobile: 07391 013 184

Political Party: Conservative


Introductory Tenancies Appeal Board

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

About Me:

I am originally from Leeds where I sadly grew up as a supporter of the local football team. After school, I studied History and Politics at University in Newcastle where I also joined the Royal Naval Reserve (URNU) and worked for a local supermarket to support my studies.

After graduation, I worked in a number of different industries before joining the Metropolitan Police where I enjoyed a fulfilling career prior to transferring to West Yorkshire Police in 2004.

In 2018, the opportunity to assist with a family business arose and I elected to leave the Police to seek new challenges. Much to no one’s surprise who knows me, two days (I enjoyed the break!) after handing my warrant card back I decided to run for Councillor in the beautiful ward of Rampton where I live in an outlying village.

I am here to represent everyone in my ward and champion our area. I work full time but I am happy to meet any constituent at their home or any place they feel comfortable should they wish to discuss any issue.

Last Updated on Monday, June 24, 2019