Rampton and Woodbeck

Notice of Uncontested Election

Bassetlaw Election of Parish Councillors for Rampton and Woodbeck on Thursday 4 May 2023.

I, being the Returning Officer at the above election report that the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Rampton and Woodbeck. 

Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)
Linsey Claire
(address in Bassetlaw)  Independent
(address in Bassetlaw)  
Lisa Helen
(address in Bassetlaw)  
Anthony Charles
(address in Bassetlaw)  

Dated Tuesday 4th April 2023David Armiger, Returning Officer.

Printed and published by the Deputy Returning Officer, Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Workshop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2AH.

Last Updated on Wednesday, August 16, 2023