Delegated decisions - Delegated decisions made by a Cabinet Member


Ref. No. Date Published Subject
4 16/08/21 To approve the drawdown of £21, 368.00 which represents the neighbourhood proportion of CIL monies collected for North Leverton in 2021/2022 which will be kept on record as an advance on future ratified monies. 
5 16/08/21 To approve option 1 which is the enabling of drawdown for an additional sum, equal to the shortfall in expected CIL receipts. In essence, move from a 15% contribution to a 25% drawdown opportunity and benefit from an additional £1787.80.
6 23/08/21 To approve that officers undertake the consultation on the Harworth Masterplan
9 21/09/21 East Markham drawdown on CIL monies
10 28/09/21 To consider an application for a Street Collection Permit for The Poppy Appeal.
12 9/11/21 To approve budgets adjustments to the 2021/22 (£275,000) Capital Programme which will enable the Safer Streets programme for Worksop to progress. 

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Last Updated on Tuesday, November 9, 2021