Delegated decisions - Delegated decisions made by a Cabinet Member


Ref. No. Date Published Subject
1 18.4.19 Rockware Sports & Social Club - Approval for the allocation of £23,883 to deliver the new club house proposals
2 18.4.19 Snipe Park Play Area - Allocation of S106 funds towards the project in accordance with the three stages outlined in the report
4 13.6.19 Budget adjustments to the 2018/19 General Fund Capital Programme and approval of additional budget allocation to the 2019.20 General Fund Capital Programme. 
5 13.6.19 Approval to recruit a Heritage Engagement Officer and Project Support Officer on a fixed term contract until September 2021. 
10 15.10.19 Approval for budget virements to the 2019/20 Capital Programme of £120k which will enable the scheme to progress - Smoke and Heat Alarms
11 15.10.19 Amend the title of the Homlessness Prevention Strategy to Homeless and Rough Sleeping Prevention Strategy 2017-2022
12 1.11.19 Approval for Fourseasons to work in the Bassetlaw District.
14 4.12.19  88/90 and former Baths at Albert Road, Retford
15 18.12.19 Wampanoag Perspective Project
16 29.1.19 CIL draw down for works to Kings' Park and Retford Station
21 30.3.20 Homeless Hub
22 30.3.20 COVID 19 - Homeless Support

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