Delegated decisions - Delegated decisions made by a Cabinet Member


Ref. No. Date Published Subject
1 24.4.20

£25,000 Grant to Bassetlaw, Community & Voluntary Service                                     

2 27.4.20

Capital Programme

5 12.6.20

Discretionary Policy for awarding Business Support Grants

6 16.6.20

Amendment to Energy Company Obligation EC03 Statement of Intent

7 21.8.20

 Charging for use of toilets at 73 Bridge Street

10 14.07.20

Discretionary Policy for awarding Business Support Grants

13 30.09.20

£4000 grant to BCVS

14 14.10.20

Approval for new play equipment at Kings' Park

15 9.10.20

Land adoption as part of sustained urban drainage system, Newlands development, Ordsall.

18 2.11.20

Consultation on the Worksop Masterplan.

20 4.12.20

Proposed changes to the Treasure Management Strategy.

22 18.12.20

Approval to amend the staffing establishment within the Environmental Health Public Protection Team, by replacing a Senior Technical Officer post with a post of Environmental Health Officer.

26 08.02.21

Approval to the extension of Heritage Lottery Pilgrim Roots Project for an additional 12 month period to September 2022. Also to approve any budget carry forwards including employees from 202/21 into 2021/22 as required.

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