Councillors' community grant - Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for Councillor Community Grants

  1. The activity must be located within the Bassetlaw District or be of significant benefit to people living in Bassetlaw.
  1. The application should demonstrate:
    1. A need for the activity
    2. A need for financial assistance
    3. Local Community support
    4. Local benefit in line with Bassetlaw District Council corporate strategies
    5. Measurable benefit
    6. Environmental sustainability
  1. The application should address at least one of the following issues:
    1. Sports
    2. Environment and sustainability
    3. Social welfare
    4. Community
    5. Culture and heritage
  1. Applications that address the Council’s corporate ambitions are more likely to be successful in their bid for funding. The priorities are as follows:
    1. Investing in Place
    2. Investing in House
    3. Investing in Communities




Last Updated on Monday, December 19, 2022