Councillors' community grant - Community grant

The aim of the Council when awarding these grants is to provide general grant support to the community that will benefit the socio-economic culture and environment of Bassetlaw.

Each District Councillor is allocated a small budget and has the discretion to award grants to community activities that will benefit the community within their respective electoral ward areas.  Councillors will consider grant applications for sports; culture and heritage; environment and sustainability; social welfare; and community activities.

Any application for a Community Grant must be discussed with the relevant Ward Member(s) in the first instance.  If in agreement, the Ward Member will provide you with a blank application form which you will need to complete.  This needs to be signed off by the Ward Member(s) before submitting it to the Member Support Team.

Unsuccessful applicants will be unable to re-apply to the Councillor Community Grants scheme in the same year.

Funding for the following, are unlikely to be considered:

  • Activities which cover an area that is the primary responsibility of another funding agency
  • Additional funding from Bassetlaw District Council
  • Activities that do not support Bassetlaw residents
  • Activities that promote religious belief or political activities
  • Civic events
  • Expenses that have already been incurred or retrospective funding



Last Updated on Monday, December 19, 2022