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The Council

The full Council consists of 48 Councillors and is made up of 36 Labour, 4 Conservatives, 5 Independents and 1 Liberal Democrat and 2 Vacancies.  The Councillors determine the policies made including budgets and other strategic documents.  Full Council meets every cycle and acts as a watchdog to make sure that the Cabinet's decisions are in the best interests of the people of Bassetlaw.  You may, if you wish, ask a question of Council by writing to the Chief Executive.  Questions must be received by noon, seven clear working days before the meeting.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a group of eight elected Councillors and is chaired by the Leader of the Council. It monitors the performance and spending for the Council's priority areas and refers some key decisions to Full Council so that all 48 Councillors are involved in the final decision.

A period of 15 minutes shall be allowed at the start of ordinary meetings of the Cabinet for questions to be put by members of the public to members of the Cabinet. Questions will be allowed at the discretion of the Chairman. Answers will be given either orally at the meeting or in writing following the meeting.


There are many Committees that meet on a regular basis.  Councillors from all the political groups are represented on the Committees and are chaired by a Member from the Labour Group as it forms the current political administration.

View our Membership of Council Committees

Police and Crime Panel

A panel has been established incorporating representatives of the County, City, Borough and District Councils for Nottinghamshire.  The Panel is responsible for scrutinising the Commissioner, promoting openness in police business and supporting the Commissioner in the exercise of his functions.

For more information and the dates when the Panel meets, visit the Police and Crime Panel page of this website.



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