The key concepts

Your Town. Your Thoughts. Your Future

By 2030 Worksop Town Centre will be the focus of community life, creating a place that serves the everyday needs of residents, whilst also being an exciting destination for visitors from the local area and further afield.

The Key Concepts

A. Reviving a sense of community

The future of Worksop Town Centre will lie in meeting the everyday needs of the community whilst attracting and retaining visitors for unique and memorable experiences. Existing and new green spaces will attract and retain footfall in the Town Centre creating an environment for people to enjoy the leisure, retail, market and food and drink options available.

As a compact town, Worksop is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists from the Town Centre, to the suburbs and beyond. Taking advantage of transport connections with proposed improvements for cycling and developments to the existing housing, the Masterplan proposes a mixed and vibrant Town Centre with activity throughout the day and evening which allows local people and businesses to thrive.

B. Life on the Waterfront

The presence of water is both an asset and a threat to the Town Centre. As part of the Masterplan, improved flood resilient measures and waterside habitats will enhance the image of the town. Flood defence development; making room for water; river restoration; green walls, roofs and public spaces all form part of the plan’s concept of life on the waterfront. Opportunities exist to create upstream storage to improve the flow of the River Ryton to reduce flood risk. With the retrofitting of currently unsympathetic buildings, the green heart of Worksop will enjoy a theme of nature, heritage and vibrant public spaces allowing both the day time and evening economy to grow.

C. Active Travel Choices

Encouraging walking and cycling will reestablish the Town Centre as a safe and healthy destination. Through a combination of cycle lanes and traffic management, routes through the Town Centre will connect the suburbs, railway station, retail and leisure outlets for visitors and residents. With onward routes to Clumber Park, the Town Centre will form part of the visitor economy whilst also serving everyday needs. Improved cycling infrastructure will provide healthier travel choices for work and leisure trips.

One route connects Worksop Town Centre with the suburbs to the north, the railway station the National Cycle Network and onwards to Clumber

A second route connects the Castle site to the west with the Priory and The Canch to the east creating a corridor across the Town Centre. Cycle hire points will allow bikes to be to be picked up and dropped off at key locations.

D. Reconnecting People and History

Worksop has a rich and multi-layered history. The Masterplan will seek to reveal the sometimes hidden heritage of the Town Centre. Public spaces will improve the setting of the historic buildings on Bridge Street and opportunities exist to create a pedestrianised square to the south of the Town Centre. The Masterplan will seek to make better use of the Castle as a historic location whilst also celebrating Worksop’s industrial and market
town heritage. Improved access across the Town Centre will link the older buildings with great public spaces to create a pleasant place to live
and visit.

Bringing the concepts together

See how the key concepts are being brought together.

Last Updated on Tuesday, November 17, 2020