Appeal against a benefits decision - Will you have to attend the Tribunal?

Will you have to attend the Tribunal?

Tribunals are held locally. The Tribunals Service will write to you to tell  you of the date, time and place of the hearing.  You will also be asked if you want to attend or whether  you would prefer the Tribunal to consider the case without  you being present, this is called a 'paper hearing'.

In most cases, the Tribunal will consist of only one panel member who is a legally qualified person. If, however, complicated financial matters are to be considered a financially qualified person will also be present. The Clerk to the Tribunal and the Council's representative may also be present.

What if you are not happy with the Tribunal's decision?

If the Council or the person affected feels that the decision of the Appeal Tribunal is wrong in law they can seek leave to appeal to the Social Security Commissioners.



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019