Make an FOI request - Request a review

If you are not happy with the response you receive you must first Complain to the Council.

If you are still unhappy you may complain to the Information Commissioner will decide whether the request has been handled properly.



Both you and the public authority are informed of the Commissioner’s decision in a Decision Notice.  Where appropriate the Decision Notice will instruct the public authority what steps it needs to take to comply with the Act, this may include the release of information.  Both you and the public authority may appeal against a decision notice to the Information Tribunal.

The Commissioner can also issue a public authority with an Enforcement Notice stating what steps it should take to comply with the Act. Although it is similar to a Decision Notice in some respects, the Commissioner does not need to wait to respond to a complaint from you that a request has been incorrectly handled before taking this form of enforcement action.  Only the public authority may appeal to the Information Tribunal against such a notice.



Last Updated on Friday, April 12, 2019