Bassetlaw public and third sector partnership (BPTSP) - What are we working on?

What We Are Working On

We have prioritised four main themes. There is already some excellent work going on across the District but in these areas we felt there was some additional work we could do, and this is what we are working on:-

Giving local young people the best possible start and enabling all to reach their potential


 Priority projects

  1. Create 30 additional apprenticeship opportunities with local small or medium sized employers by 2015 through provision of a wage subsidy
  2. Raise aspirations by: -
    • Identifying and funding young entrepreneurs
    • Increasing skills through volunteering
    • Publicising the achievements of local learners of all ages
    • Making strong links with Children’s Centres
    • Running specific event(s) to promote these aims
  3. Raise the resilience and self-esteem of local people by delivering programmes that work in communities that need this support eg. ’5 steps to well-being’
  4. Provide further training for volunteers who are delivering community outreach projects in Shireoaks and Rhodesia – so that this approach can be extended to other areas


Improving the health of the most vulnerable adults and supporting long-term carers


Priority projects

  1. Carers – understanding the needs of carers and working to address those needs
  2. Befriending – ensuring local schemes work and gaps in provision are addressed
  3. Transport – promoting co-ordination of existing schemes and encouraging more innovative use of existing resources
Making Bassetlaw a safe place to live, work, visit and do business with the support of active citizens


Priority projects

  1. Re-design services to reduce demand and achieve better outcomes earlier
  2. Consult communities to understand the high demand for services
  3. Work with retailers to reduce prolific shop theft


Maximising opportunities to grow the local economy


The private sector is best placed to understand what needs to happen to make our local economy grow. We have an exciting and active private sector partnership in place and we will be supporting them to achieve more for our local economy.

Bassetlaw Community Partnership aims to

  • Increase aspirations
  • Renew pride in the District
  • Create personal responsibility
  • Re-build communities
  • Regenerate the economy
  • See the benefits of improved health for all through the above initiatives  



Last Updated on Friday, July 26, 2019