Worksop Market

Worksop Market

Worksop Market has a long history dating back to 1296 when King Edward I gave a charter for a market for the Feast of St Cuthbert.

Open air retail markets are held on Wednesday (Charter Market), Friday and Saturday of each week.

Regular stall holders include butchers and fishmongers; the freshest fruit and vegetables, flowers, bread and cakes, and free range eggs are just some of the produce available. In addition, regular stall holders include retailers of soft furnishings, clothes, jewellery, and shoes to name a few.

Stalls and canopies are provided by the Council.

Your local traditional market has something for everybody. From household goods, clothing and flowers, to providing fresh fruit and vegetables, catch of the day and quality meats, Worksop’s Market caters for all. Support your Market! Shop Worksop!

Worksop market is always on the lookout for new traders, do you sell something different, something new, something retro? If it’s yes then book a stall.

Stall Rates

Amount of StallsWednesdayFridaySaturday

1 stall        

£14.50 £14.50 £13.50

2 stalls

£28.00 £25.00 £23.00
3 stalls £38.00 £34.00 £29.00
4 stalls £48.00 £43.00 £35.00
5 stalls £58.00 £52.00 £41.00
Extension (per 6 foot) £9.50 £8.50 £7.50
Pitch - Fixed £14.50 £14.50 £13.00

Pitch - Vehicle

£14.50 £14.50 £11.50

All casual traders will be charged an extra £3.50 a day.

All quarterly rents will cease on the above date.

Car parking will be increased from £1.00 to £2.00 per day standing, per month.