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Site Allocations Issues and Options Consultation Response form for Rampton

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Screening Methodology

Question 1:

Do you agree with the criteria in the Screening Methodology? If not, please indicate
what changes you would like to be made, including reference to the specific criterion?

Rural Service Centres

Question 35:

If less than 10% of the District’s housing target is allocated within the Rural Service Centres,
where would you want to see the additional growth go?


Question 101:

Do you agree that enough land should be allocated in Rampton for at least 14 new
houses, as suggested in the feedback from the resident’s questionnaires?
If you disagree with the above please state why and suggest how many, if any,
houses should be allocated in the village.

Question 102:

Bearing in mind your responses to the questions above, which site or sites
(or which part of a site or sites) shown on the map would you prefer to see
developed in the future? (Please state the site reference number(s)).

Question 103:

Are there any other relevant issues, which have not already been highlighted
in the feedback from the residents’ questionnaire, about which you would like
to make us aware?

Question 104:

The Council is currently assessing the quality and value of open spaces in the District.
The views of the local community will be important when determining whether a site
should be protected or not. Do you think that the open spaces identified on the map
should be protected from any future development proposals? If not, please provide
further explanation.

Gypsy, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople

Question 121:

Do you think any new Gypsy and Traveller sites should be concentrated in and around
existing sites or in new locations within the District? Please give reasons for your choice.

Question 122:

The Council currently has to provide transit and residential pitches. Should these be provided
together or separately? Please give reasons for your choice.

Question 123:

If you know of any land that could be considered for Gypsy and Traveller site provision, then
please send us a location plan and details of the potential site.

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