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In advance of the Hearings, the Inspector requested that the Council hold a meeting with interested parties to discuss the approach that had been taken to the production of the Council’s housing and employment figures. Consequently, all Representors were invited to a meeting held on 13 April 2011 to discuss this. The Council prepared an Explanatory Note which was circulated before the meeting.


At the meeting, several action points were agreed and these are detailed in the brief minutes. As a result of this, it was agreed that there were a number of amendments required to some Core Documents and that more up to date housing and employment land data would be published on the Council’s website. Consequently, documents that have not been previously published are now available on the website:



Furthermore, the following documents have been amended and re-published accordingly:


Annual Monitoring Report 2010 (amendments made to housing section.)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010 (amendments made to Appendix J and G).

Proposed Future Changes to the Housing Table

The main revisions that are being proposed for the housing table will include (also highlighted in red):


Proposed Future Changes to the Employment Table

The only revision that is being proposed to this employment table is the introduction of ‘allocated’ to the employment growth target column heading (highlighted in red).

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