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There are certain types of development and minor changes that you can make to your property without the need to apply for formal planning permission. These rights are called “permitted development rights” under The Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) Order 2008.


If you propose to make alterations or additions to your dwelling (includes solar panels) and wish to know if planning permission and/or Building Regulations is required, please complete the form for Domestic Dwellings.  If you are proposing to install satellite dishes and/or other antennas, please complete the Satellite Dishes and Antennas. The Council will then be able to provide a without prejudice opinion as to whether a proposal constitutes ‘permitted development’.  This can be particularly important if you are selling a property on which you have carried out work and need to demonstrate that you have the necessary permissions.


N.B. If you require more detailed pre-application planning advice in relation to a development proposal, please visit our Pre-Application Advice Service pages.


The charge from 1st April 2014 is £50 (inc VAT). This can be paid by cheque (made payable to Bassetlaw District Council) or you can contact Planning Services on 01909 534430, 533264 or 533220 and pay by debit or credit card. Please note that your form will not be processed by Planning Services until the correct information and fee has been received.


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You may also wish to look at the national Planning Portal website, which provides planning advice through an Interactive House Guide and Interactive Terrace House Guide. The Department for Communities and Local Government provides guidance for householders on building work, replacements and repairs to your home.


Taxi Enquiries

The Council receives numerous enquiries regarding the operation of private hire business/vehicles from a residential property. If you are proposing such an operation, please answer the questions on the Taxi Enquiry on-line form.


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