Ranby Schoolchildren start an Amazing Journey

Ranby Church of England could be the first school in the County to take on an ambitious health and well-being challenge that they have called ‘Amazing Me’. This week, children at the primary school have started the challenge of running or walking for 10 minutes each morning before their usual classes in an attempt to complete a mile each day.

The project, supported by Bassetlaw District Council, is being complimented by lessons on healthy eating and nutrition through a partnership with Target Nutrition, in addition to mental well-being coaching from Each Amazing Breath.

Head Teacher, Clare Mackinder said: “Because of the amount of time children spend in school, we are in a unique position to help them become more healthy and active.”

“Obviously, our main aim at school is to ensure all children strive to achieve their full academic potential but we believe that a project such as this will help them to be fitter, healthier and more mentally prepared for learning and life’s challenges.”

“We have already been working with partners such as the Council, Target Nutrition and Each Amazing Breath to give children the tools to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle that not only will benefit them in everyday life, but can even improve their academic performance, attention and memory whilst in school.”

The ‘Amazing Me’ project aims to improve children’s health and well-being by introducing regular exercise as well as focusing on the mental wellbeing of the children through the each Amazing Breath initiative. Children will be taught specific breathing techniques to enhance self-care and control and personal performance. This will help the children to build Capacity, Resilience and Self Mastery.

These elements will also be complimented by hints and tips on healthy eating and nutrition from Kate Hayes at Target Nutrition, who said:

“I’ll be working with children and parents of the school for the next six weeks to give them nutritional help and advice on themes such as healthy lunchboxes, hidden sugars and healthy snacks. Having worked with other schools in Bassetlaw, we’ve had some great feedback from parents and teachers and the changes that can be seen, through healthy lifestyles, increased exercise and even sleeping patterns, over just six weeks can be massive.”

Tony Wright, from the Council’s Active Communities Team, said: “Thanks to the strong links that we have already formed with Ranby School, we’ve been able to support them in their ambition to make a real difference when it comes to tackling childhood obesity, encouraging the children to lead more active lifestyles that can aid with their learning in school and creating a more positive home-life for the whole family.”

Chairman of Bassetlaw District Council, Cllr Jim Anderson helped to launch the project and added: “I was delighted to see first-hand this trio of initiatives which will undoubtedly be of benefit to each pupil, hopefully, for the rest of their lives. We all want to see it work well and measure the real benefits that come to all who are involved. Well done to the pupils, to Mrs Mackinder, the teachers, and the Governors of Ranby School for being our healthy trail blazers in 2016.”

The Active Communities Team would be very interested to hear from any other Bassetlaw Primary School who think they would like to take be part of one or all three elements of this project by contacting Tony Wright on 01909 53433 or tony.wright@bassetlaw.gov.uk

Published: Wednesday 14 September 2016