Leading the way to safer licensing practices

The Nottinghamshire Authorities Licensing Group (NALG) has worked collaboratively to improve safety for passengers, road users and professional drivers across the county.

At a Pre Inquest Review into the death of Mark Buckley, a motorcyclist who was hit and unlawfully killed by licensed taxi driver Kevin Wiesztort, the Coroner highlighted four specific points that were worthy of consideration and was keen  that all Nottinghamshire councils should be involved and work together to try and prevent further deaths on our roads.

The areas to be looked at included:

  • Complaints procedures
  • Driver hours
  • Fitness of drivers
  • Vehicle maintenance

The inquest concluded on Wednesday 26 October in Nottingham. In her findings the Coroner was reassured that all of areas had been addressed through revised policies or contained within existing policies.

The Coroner commended the efforts of NALG and recognised that Nottinghamshire authorities are leading the way nationally on licensing policy since the tragic death of Mark Buckley.

John Miley, Licensing Manager at Broxtowe Borough Council and Chair of the Nottinghamshire  Authorities Licensing Group said:

“I am very pleased that the Coroner has made note of the work of the Nottinghamshire Authorities Licensing Group (NALG) to address these issues and her comments demonstrate the ethos and efficacy of the group”. 

“We are extremely proud of the work undertaken by NALG, in particular its collaborative working which demonstrates partnership working at its best because it achieves results. 

“I am confident that through NALG, all Authorities in Nottinghamshire will continue to work together to promote public safety throughout the County”

Further changes to be considered by NALG include:

  • Increased online information specifically relating to taxi licensing
  • Guidance for dispatchers
  • To consider drug and alcohol testing for drivers
  • To request that all licensed operators share information on driver motoring offences with the Licensing Authority, as soon as this is made known to them
  • Guidance regarding the use of mobile phones for text messaging and calls
  • Guidance on the use of hands free kits
  • To collate information for consumers on the operators and drivers who have been licensed by NALG and who have adopted the guidance on best practice.
Published: Friday 28 October 2016