Residential Development Site - Sale by Tender

Land for Sale at Broad Gores, Clarborough

Map Broad Gores - Clarborough


The land for sale is a greenfield site comprising of around 3.9 acres (1.578ha) laying between Broad Gores and Celery Meadows, Clarborough. There is an opportunity to develop up to 38 dwellings on the site, which adjoins a substantial area of land to be maintained as public open space and the Chesterfield Canal. Clarborough is located approximately 3.5 miles to the North East of Retford.

General information

Method of sale - The land is to be sold by informal tender at a guide price in the region of £1.5m. Unconditional offers for the land are required. Offers are to be submitted by 12th May 2017.

Site area – The site comprises of 3.9 acres or thereabouts shown edged red on the plan.

Viewing – Any reasonable time

Tender Documentation – Tender documentation can be obtained from  John Unstead, Property Manager, Bassetlaw District Council, Potter Street, Worksop, S80 2AH Nottinghamshire or by email request to

The site has been selected by local residents through the Neighbourhood Plan Process as being suitable for housing development and is featured within the Clarborough and Welham Neighbourhood Development Plan. 

Planning information

Policy 1 within the Neighbourhood Plan allocates the site for in the region of 38 dwellings. The policy states the following:

Policy 1: The development of the Broad Gores site: housing and canal side community facilities

  1. Development on the Broad Gores site is supported where the proposals demonstrate that:-
    1. It provides in the region of 38 houses; and
    2. It maximises the tourist potential of the Chesterfield Canal SSSI ; and
    3. It does not impact on the significance of the Chesterfield Canal as a Site of Special Scientific Interest; and
    4. Boundary treatments and aspects are appropriate to its rural setting; and
    5. The layout maximises opportunities to integrate into the village through creating new connections and improving existing ones and which allows for easy, direct movement to and from the village centre and surrounding area, whilst not creating a through route for traffic between the two existing sections of Broad Gores; particularly this should include the provision of a footpath via a green corridor through the site to a foot bridge to access the play park and Village Hall.
  2. Schemes that reflect limited style variation or are all of one type of dwelling will not be supported unless the proposal is for a specific housing type to meet local need, for example retirement housing.

View full details of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The indicative layout plan shown below was featured throughout the public consultation of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Indicative Map

Published: Wednesday 25 January 2017