Pegler comes home

Pegler Autochromes (1)A collection of extremely rare photographs are being brought home to Bassetlaw thanks to a fundraising appeal that raised £2,000.

Bassetlaw Museum appealed to the public in February after discovering that an exceptional collection of early colour photographs, taken by Retford man Stephen Francis Pegler, had been put up for sale.

Thanks to the generosity of local people, companies and civic groups, the target was reached and the photographs are being brought home to Bassetlaw, and in particular to the house where Pegler lived.

Sam Glasswell, Curator at Bassetlaw Museum said, “These images are important on so many levels. They record Bassetlaw in the early 20th century and show how the science and technology we take for granted was developed and championed by people like Stephen Pegler. In Pegler’s day colour photography was the preserve of the rich. Now most of us have cameras on our phones.”

Earlier this year a collection of over 100 of Pegler’s images were put up for sale by Lionel Hughes of Photographica Antique Cameras, who kindly loaned the collection to Bassetlaw Museum while the money was raised to purchase the photographs.

Not only are the photographs in colour, but also appear in 3D when seen through a special stereoscopic viewer after Pegler carefully composed the image to make the most of its 3D qualities.

Pegler lived in Amcott House Retford, now the home of Bassetlaw Museum, from the late 1800s to 1937 and was a pioneer of early colour photography.  As well as photographs of friends and relatives, he recorded life in Bassetlaw in the early years of the 20th century.

Ms Glasswell added: “We would like to thank the people of Bassetlaw, especially Retford Civic Society, Retford Rotary Club and the Friends of Bassetlaw, who generously supported the campaign and allowed us to reach the target.

“We would also like to thank Mr Hughes who waited patiently for the museum to raise the purchase price so that these important images could come home.” 

Published: Friday 12 May 2017