Jubilee trees get new lease of life

Tree Planing
Children from St John’s C of E Academy have helped to plant around 250 trees on the Gateford estate and create a new copse, which could be named ‘Jubilee Wood’.

The Year 1 children lent a hand to Bassetlaw District Council staff and Ward councillors from both Bassetlaw and Nottinghamshire County Council after around 100 trees, which were planted as part of the Queen’s Jubilee, were moved from their original location on Churchill Way to their new home at the side of Ashes Park Avenue.

The trees were relocated after development began on the new phase of housing on the Gateford estate. In addition, an extra 150 trees of different species were also planted at the side of an existing copse to improve the natural habitat for the local wildlife by providing food and shelter for a variety of bird life.

Ward member for Nottinghamshire County Council, Cllr Sybil Fielding, who campaigned to save the original batch of trees, said: “It was extremely important that these trees were preserved and relocated and were not lost as part of this new development. Children took great pride in planting the original trees as part of the Queen’s Jubilee and it’s fantastic that we have been able to add to the natural habitat here at Gateford.”

Published: Wednesday 22 March 2017