Fly-posting Consultation

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Bassetlaw District Council is currently consulting on its draft Fly-Posting Policy which sets out the current legislation and outlines the enforcement action which it proposes to take.

Fly-posting is the display of advertisements that can be seen from the highway or a public place without the permission of the landowner and/or planning consent, if it is required.

Fly-posting is illegal and legislation is already in place to cover this type of activity. Residents have also told us that they do not like to see fly-posting and that it creates a poor impression.

Bassetlaw District Council is aware that although already law, many organisations and people who advertise by putting up signs, banners, posters or ‘A’ boards may not be aware that what they are doing could be considered fly-posting, or that it is governed by legislation.

The Council would wish to take a sensible and proportionate approach to tackling unauthorised advertising and is therefore looking to introduce a policy that covers fly-posting. The Council cannot alter the law but it can set out the approach it will take to such matters and when formal enforcement may be appropriate.

Please read the council’s Draft Fly-posting Policy before completing this survey, which sets out the Council’s proposed enforcement approach and informs interested parties of their existing obligations.

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Published: Tuesday 01 August 2017